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Dot­to­re di ri­cer­ca in de­si­gn, svol­ge at­ti­vi­tà pub­bli­ci­sti­ca per ri­vi­ste di set­to­re. In­se­gna sto­ria e cri­ti­ca pres­so il Po­li­tec­ni­co di To­ri­no e UniRSM/de­si­gn – Uni­ver­si­tà di San Ma­ri­no. Wi­th a PhD in de­si­gn, he wri­tes ar­ti­cles for ma­ga­zi­nes co­ve­ring the field. He tea­ches the hi­sto­ry and cri­ti­ci­sm of de­si­gn at Tu­rin Po­ly­tech­nic and UniRSM/de­si­gn – Uni­ver­si­ty of San Ma­ri­no.

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