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This hou­se in one of Mi­lan’s be­st nei­gh­bo­rhoods is qui­te lar­ge, sin­ce it was once an of­fi­ce spa­ce. Its po­ten­tial was glimp­sed by the ow­ners, a cou­ple al­ways on the mo­ve. The 400 squa­re me­ters on two le­vels re­qui­red a ma­jor struc­tu­ral ove­rhaul to crea­te a tra­di­tio­nal do­me­stic set­ting around a long cor­ri­dor that di­vi­des the day­ti­me and night-ti­me zo­nes. To un­der­li­ne the li­near rhy­thm, the cei­ling is cros­sed by a se­ries of brass lamps by Ve­ni­cem (the Mon­drian mo­del, cu­sto­mi­zed), whi­le the doors in brass and glass have a geo­me­tric mo­tif. The de­co­ra­ti­ve ef­fect is em­pha­si­zed by the Ru­bel­li fa­bric. The in­te­rior de­si­gn is by Selina Bertola and her stu­dio, No­ma­de Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra. The neu­tral colors in­clu­de do­ve gray for the stuc­co on all the walls (Istin­to by Gior­gio Grae­san), bur­ni­shed brass for lamps by Hen­ge and Ve­ni­cem, and Em­pe­ra­dor Gray mar­ble in the main ba­th­room. The floors fea­tu­re Par­quet Clio oak in lar­ge planks, ex­cept in the cor­ri­dor, where a her­ring­bo­ne pat­tern features brass bor­ders. In the living-di­ning zo­ne to the right, the com­for­ta­ble so­fas from a pre­vious home are ar­ran­ged around a TV ca­bi­net de­si­gned by No­ma­de Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra. The stu­dio has also created the geo­me­tric boo­k­ca­se pro­du­ced by Ef­fear­re­di. The Ring lamps by Hen­ge oc­cu­py mo­st of the cei­ling, and re­turn over the cu­stom di­ning ta­ble by Del Pe­ro Ar­ti­sans, wi­th a gray mar­ble top. The tai­lor-ma­de kit­chen by Ef­fear­re­di features Mie­le ap­plian­ces. The ma­ster be­droom of­fers ma­xi­mum pri­va­cy, wi­th two lar­ge war­dro­bes by No­ma­de Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra. Cream colors abound on the up­per le­vel, whi­le dark fa­cings make the se­mi-ba­se­ment wi­th a re­la­xa­tion zo­ne, swim­ming pool, spa, sau­na and fit­ness spa­ce mo­re dra­ma­tic.

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