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AD (Italy) - - Case. - Words SIL­VIA DE MAR­TI­NO – pho­tos NATHALIE KRAG

LINES, GRIDS, CO­LOR FIELDS: IN A 19TH-CEN­TU­RY APARTMENT IN MI­LAN, A GRA­PHIC GA­ME EXPANDS ACROSS THE WALLS AND CEILINGS. No­wa­days work ac­ti­vi­ties of­ten in­va­de pri­va­te li­fe, and the ho­me be­co­mes a sort of hea­d­quar­ters: dwel­ling, stu­dio, sho­w­room. As in this apartment in Mi­lan, where the design adap­ts to contemporary needs wi­th lines that com­bi­ne and in­ter­sect in rec­tan­gles, squa­res, trian­gles, cir­cles, geo­me­tric forms. The ow­ner is So­nia Cocozza, a design jour­na­li­st who has crea­ted her own in­te­riors. The star­ting point was a com­pact flat wi­th a ter­se sty­le and ele­gant de­tails. The­re was no­thing to reor­ga­ni­ze, ju­st ma­te­rial to be sha­ped wi­th ima­gi­na­tion and crea­ti­vi­ty, to ge­ne­ra­te a dy­na­mic ho­me wi­th a strong vi­sual im­pact. The trig­ger of in­spi­ra­tion was wallpaper, Im­pres­sion d’Orient (designed by Lau­ra Poz­zi for Lon­do­nart), joined by other sti­mu­li: contemporary art, light and sha­dow, a ti­le, a fa­bric, an in­tui­tion. The lea­ding ro­le is played by a se­ries of wall pain­tings ma­de by hand by the de­co­ra­tor Pa­blo Bu­tron, al­ter­na­ting wi­th the wallpaper to pro­du­ce an unex­pec­ted pa­th­way of si­gns. The dy­na­mi­sm am­pli­fies the per­cep­tion of space, ma­king it un­pre­dic­ta­ble, frag­men­ted. The apartment be­co­mes a ver­sa­ti­le mul­ti­ta­sking fa­ci­li­ty. The di­ning, kit­chen and li­ving areas per­form mul­ti­ple ro­les. In spi­te of its small si­ze, this hou­se of ma­ny volumes nar­ra­tes a voya­ge through si­gns, colors, fa­brics and li­fe ex­pe­rien­ces.

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