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AD (Italy) - - Storie. - words pho­tos ELE­NA DALLORSO – GIAN­NI FRANCHELLUCCI

A LAR­GE APART­MENT IN A BA­RO­QUE BUIL­DING IN ROME BASED ON AN IDEA OF SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL CON­TI­NUI­TY, TO MATCH THE RHYTHMS OF A BIG FA­MI­LY. Fla­mi­nio Pon­zio was an Ita­lian ar­chi­tect of the la­te Re­nais­san­ce, who de­si­gned ma­ny fa­mous fea­tu­res of Rome. The apart­ment sho­wn he­re is in­si­de one of his buil­dings. Stu­dio Riviello has reor­ga­ni­zed its spa­ces to

meet the needs of a lar­ge fa­mi­ly wi­th a re­mar­ka­ble art col­lec­tion. Wi­th its mo­nu­men­tal si­ze, the hou­se is not ju­st sta­tus sym­bol but al­so a true ho­me, whe­re the mo­re pu­blic zo­nes are al­ways in con­tact wi­th the eve­ry­day ac­ti­vi­ties. The hi­gh-te­ch Bul­thaup kit­chen fea­tu­res oak ca­bi­ne­ts and lac­que­red doors, as well as a thick work­top in La­pi­tec® for ca­re­free food pre­pa­ra­tion. The pro­ject in­cor­po­ra­tes the exi­sting cof­fe­red cei­lings in va­rious ways in near­ly all the spa­ces The co­lors cover a neu­tral ran­ge of sand, cream and gray to­nes, per­fect for the im­por­tant works of art and an­ti­ques, and as a bac­k­drop for the fur­ni­shings (in­clu­ding ma­ny cu­stom pie­ces) se­lec­ted by Stu­dio Riviello, li­ke the th­ree gi­gan­tic (175 cen­ti­me­ters in dia­me­ter) Royal chan­de­liers by Da­vid Chip­per­field and Ma­rio Nan­ni for Via­biz­zu­no in the main li­ving area. He­re the an­ti­que-mo­dern dia­lo­gue is to­tal: a bron­ze sculp­tu­re by Ar­nal­do Po­mo­do­ro rests on a cu­stom ta­ble wi­th a glass top, whi­le th­ree works by Lu­cio Fon­ta­na are pla­ced on a near­by wall. Other ele­men­ts in­clu­de Ja­pa­ne­se Ima­ri va­ses and a Ro­man ca­bi­net from the 1700s. The fi­ni­shes, pa­ne­ling, war­dro­bes and doors ha­ve been ma­de to match the ori­gi­nals of the buil­ding. So­lid oak has been cho­sen for the floors, whi­le the bru­shed brass of the chan­de­liers re­turns in the hand­les of the war­dro­bes. Tra­ver­ti­ne, wi­th its ve­ry “Ro­man” identity and ele­gant un­der­sta­te­ment, clads the ou­ter cour­tyard, the ba­th­rooms and the well­ness zo­ne.

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