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AD (Italy) - - Storie. - words pho­tos AN­NA MAZZOTTI – MAT­TIA AQUI­LA

THE LANDSCAPE THAT BURSTS IN TH­ROU­GH THE WIN­DO­WS OF A HOU­SE ON THE HILLS OF LU­GA­NO SUGGESTS AN UNDERSTATED TONE FOR THE IN­DOOR SPA­CES. Th­rou­gh the lar­ge win­do­ws of a mo­dern hill­si­de re­si­den­tial com­plex, the pea­ce­ful landscape seems to flow and tran­sform itself in­ces­san­tly. This is the star­ting point for the de­fi­ni­tion and de­co­ra­ting of the li­ving spa­ces of a cou­ple, in Lu­ga­no, who wan­ted am­ple zo­nes for en­ter­tai­ning ma­ny friends. «We let the landscape be the real pro­ta­go­ni­st of this apart­ment», say the in­te­rior de­si­gners An­ge­lo Bri­gnol­li and An­to­nio Fe­ra­bo­li of Stu­dio Li­nea. «Simple, ele­gant, func­tio­nal in­te­riors that never di­stract at­ten­tion from the na­tu­ral spec­ta­cle». The two-sto­ry hou­se is to­tal­ly fo­cu­sed on re­la­xa­tion, right from the en­tran­ce on the up­per le­vel (the buil­ding al­so of­fers a spa, an in­door pool, a fit­ness room, sau­na and Tur­ki­sh ba­th), lea­ding to lar­ge rooms wi­th ivo­ry-tone walls, sli­ding doors in lac­que­red oak and glass, wi­th a Mi­not­ti so­fa and a lar­ge Ti­be­tan rug. The so­le chro­ma­tic con­tra­st comes from a lea­ther chair by Vi­tra, along wi­th wen­ge ta­bles de­si­gned by the stu­dio. One cor­ner fea­tu­res the Com­po­si­zio­ne 12 lamp, whi­le ano­ther di­splays a th­ree-di­men­sio­nal work de­pic­ting the god­dess Ve­nus ma­de wi­th shee­ts of in­ter­loc­king ple­xi­glas by the ar­ti­st-pho­to­gra­pher An­to­nio Maz­zet­ti for Stu­dio Li­nea. Maz­zet­ti has al­so con­tri­bu­ted the pain­ting ti­tled Boom in the di­ning room, a work whe­re con­tem­po­ra­ry ele­men­ts min­gle wi­th neo­clas­si­cal ar­chi­tec­tu­re. Its red to­nes re­turn in the run­ner that cros­ses the ta­ble. He­re the la­ke­si­de at­mo­sphe­re is en­han­ced by the al­mo­st hyp­no­tic ef­fect of the I luc­ci

ar­gen­ta­ti lamp by Ter­za­ni. The kit­chen is al­so on the up­per le­vel, all in whi­te but wi­th a black work­top. The ma­ster be­droom, gue­stroom and stu­dio are se­pa­ra­ted from the li­ving area by sli­ding doors in whi­te pain­ted oak, wi­th glass con­tai­ning pa­le fa­bric to en­su­re pri­va­cy whi­le al­lo­wing light to en­ter. The lo­wer le­vel is re­crea­tio­nal, for a ga­me of bil­liards or wat­ching Tv. A wi­ne cel­lar of­fers a spa­ce for ta­stings. At the cen­ter of the hou­se light floods in from a small ca­vi­ty tran­sfor­med in­to a Zen gar­den. An apart­ment ju­st a few mi­nu­tes from the ci­ty cen­ter that of­fers se­re­ne iso­la­tion, sur­roun­ded by bright green la­wns and equip­ped wi­th an area for out­door di­ning.

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