The ar­ri­val of Qc­ter­me in Ro­me

Area Wellness - - Case History -

The QC Ter­mero­ma held its inau­gu­ra­tion la­st De­cem­ber af­ter a se­ries of struc­tu­ral in­ter­ven­tions that had ta­ken pla­ce over the pa­st years. The new lu­xu­ry Ro­man ho­tel is a 5 star struc­tu­re that is ne­stled in a ri­ch green area near Via Por­tuen­se, on­ly mi­nu­tes from Fiu­mi­ci­no Air­port and wi­th ea­sy ac­cess to the Fie­ra di Roma. In this in­cre­di­ble lo­ca­tion, hi­sto­ry and in­no­va­tions are ideal­ly in­tert­wi­ned su­ch as lu­xu­ry and mo­dern ame­ni­ties along wi­th a strong pas­sion for tra­di­tions and he­ri­ta­ge. The 50 rooms are lar­ge, lu­mi­nous and ele­gant, ea­ch wi­th views of the green sur­roun­dings and ba­th­rooms whi­ch are par­ti­cu­lar­ly spe­cial as they are ma­de up of gor­geous mar­bles from all around the world. The QC Ter­mero­ma is not ex­clu­si­ve­ly open to its guests but is al­so avai­la­ble to the ge­ne­ral pu­blic who is in­te­re­sted in re­di­sco­ve­ring the an­cient tra­di­tions of the Ro­man Ba­ths. The SPA is lo­ca­ted di­rec­tly be­hind the re­cep­tion and upon en­te­ring guests will re­cei­ve a kit con­tai­ning a lu­sh ba­th­ro­be, slip­pers and a to­wel. A se­ries of steps lead di­rec­tly to what on­ce was the an­cient ca­cia­ra (?) who­se chim­neys are still visible, the­se we­re on­ce used for the de­sic­ca­tion of chee­se. A lar­ge cor­ri­dor then in­tro­du­ces guests to the heart of the SPA whe­re a sce­ne stea­ling brid­ge cros­ses over a pool wi­th bla­de thin wa­ter falls on bo­th si­des. The­re are dif­fe­rent ac­cess poin­ts that lead to an area wi­th four hy­drau­lic tubs, spe­cial­ty sau­nas wi­th dif­fe­rent tem­pe­ra­tu­res and hu­mi­di­ty and a lar­ge mar­ble Ham­mam. The fri­gi­da­rium, the spa­ce de­di­ca­ted to the hot-cool reac­tions, is ma­de en­ti­re­ly in Ci­pol­li­no mar­ble, ex­trac­ted di­rec­tly from the island of Eu­bea in Gree­ce. Tra­di­tion sta­tes that this par­ti­cu­lar ty­pe of mar­ble de­co­ra­ted the Do­mus Pa­tri­zie of the 1st cen­tu­ry B.C. Near the en­tran­ce the­re is al­so a lar­ge re­la­xa­tion room wi­th wa­ter beds, a stair­ca­se beyond this area brings guests to an dif­fe­rent and warm re­la­xing spa­ce wi­th su­spen­ded wic­ker sea­ting in what on­ce was the sta­bles, as is in­tui­ti­ve­ly de­du­ced buy the pre­sen­ce of an original car­ria­ge. The pu­blic seems to real­ly ap­pre­cia­te the out­door well­ness cen­tre as well. The lat­ter is di­stri­bu­ted wi­thin an over 1000sqm park that can boa­st hea­ted pools for the win­ter, hy­drau­lic ba­ths and a so­la­rium. The struc­tu­re al­so func­tions in the eve­nings wi­th spe­cial for­mu­las that can in­clu­de an “ba­th­ro­be” ape­ri­ti­vo and ac­cess to the out­door hea­ted pool to 11pm.

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