Monks and beer: the se­cret of a SPA

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The Ago­sti­nain monks ha­ve al­ways been kno­wn to me­ti­cu­lou­sly se­lect the pla­ces whe­re they would build their mo­na­ste­ries. The­se spe­cial lo­ca­tions had to be fa­vo­ra­ble for calm me­di­ta­tion that would aid in ap­pea­sing the ten­sions of the soul. The monks we­re ve­ry ra­re­ly wrong and in the ca­se of See­feld their choi­ce was ex­cel­lent. In the heart of Ti­ro­lo the­re is in­fact a Mo­na­ste­ry kno­wn as Klo­ster­bräu whe­re along wi­th de­di­ca­ting their ti­me to prayer the monks al­so ma­de a de­li­cious beer. The tra­di­tion of beer ma­king has ne­ver hal­ted, to this day Klo­ster­bräu con­ti­nues its own pro­duc­tion. The beer is not only ser­ved at the re­stau­rant and bar but can al­so be found in the SPA. In this lar­ge well­ness cen­tre the­re is a “Me­di­ta­tion Room”, an in­ti­ma­te cor­ner de­di­ca­ted to beer that is near the Ho­tel’s wi­ne cel­lar. Guests can ac­cess this area di­rec­tly in their ba­th­ro­bes. This spe­cial me­di­ta­tion grot­to is built in sto­ne and de­co­ra­ted wi­th woo­den bar­rels. Only a few steps from the sau­nas guests can mo­ve free­ly from one area to the other whi­le sip­ping on fre­sh beers and play­ing chess on an an­ti­que woo­den set. The me­nu of treat­men­ts of­fe­red in­clu­des one that is de­di­ca­ted ex­clu­si­ve­ly to beer: ma­de up of pu­re hops and gra­pes it was crea­ted espe­cial­ly for the Spi­ri­tual SPA, this pro­duct pro­du­ces ef­fec­ts that are par­ti­cu­lar­ly be­ne­fi­cial for the skin. The­re is a con­nec­ting door to the “Me­di­ta­tion Room” that hi­des a se­cret area. The spe­cial par­ti­tion leads to a sau­na that is hea­ted by the warm­th of an oven whe­re cooks ba­ke bread, he­re on com­for­ta­ble sea­ts guests can re­lax en­ve­lo­ped in the com­for­ting and fa­mi­liar fra­gran­ce. Re­la­xa­tion can al­so be en­joyed in the re­sting room, a pla­ce whe­re ti­me seems to stand still due to the pre­sen­ce of a gi­gan­tic bell that rests in the midd­le of the room, a sym­bol of pea­ce, it is a so­li­ta­ry and ve­ry still heart that pul­sa­tes un­der its weight of over 100 kg. For tho­se who are in­te­re­sted in ad­di­tio­nal pri­va­cy the Klo­ster­bräu Ho­tel has two SPA sui­tes. The­re is a “Pri­va­te SPA” that in­clu­des a wel­co­me drink, a tea ri­tual and bar ser­vi­ce along wi­th a de­scrip­tion of treat­men­ts of­fe­red, su­ch as the sau­na or a pri­va­te in­fra­red light ca­bin, bo­dy ma­sks or pee­lings, ro­man­tic ba­ths in the lar­ge pool wi­th per­so­nal bar and ca­te­ring ser­vi­ce along wi­th in­di­vi­dual or cou­ples mas­sa­ges for the guests on com­for­ta­ble wa­ter beds.

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