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Area Wellness - - Case History -

Aba­no Ter­me is a ve­ry po­pu­lar and well kno­wn to­wn wi­thin the re­gio­nal park of Col­li Eu­ga­nei. Wi­th its li­ve­ly and well ca­red for cen­tre it fai­th­ful­ly keeps the long tra­di­tion of well­ness ali­ve. In this par­ti­cu­lar con­text the Ho­tel Qui­si­sa­na can boa­st a spe­cial trait, that of being run by the Tur­lon fa­mi­ly. The lat­ter ha­ve go­ne abo­ve and beyond in or­der to gua­ran­tee the hi­ghe­st qua­li­ty of ser­vi­ce to ea­ch of their guests th­rou­ghout eve­ry sea­son. Tho­se who fre­quent the cen­tral­ly lo­ca­ted four star ho­tel can only con­firm the fa­mi­ly’s com­mit­ment to their cau­se espe­cial­ly sin­ce they ha­ve com­ple­ted re­no­va­tions that ha­ve lead to the ad­di­tion of of a four­th floor, crea­ting at lea­st ten new sui­tes. The ho­tel is sur­roun­ded by a green park whe­re the out­door pool can be found, a lo­ca­tion that is ideal bo­th du­ring the day­ti­me and eve­ning. A Ja­pa­ne­se gar­den is par­ti­cu­lar­ly in­te­re­sting as it is de­si­gned on an ele­va­ted pla­ne wi­th com­for­ta­ble wood and a whi­te sto­ne island and de­tai­ling. The ex­tre­me ca­re af­for­ded to the foods ma­de avai­la­ble per­fec­tly re­flect the at­ten­tion that is co­he­si­ve th­rou­ghout the ho­tel. The exe­cu­ti­ve chef Or­lan­do del Pe­schio has de­ve­lo­ped me­nus and op­tions for any and all spe­cial die­ta­ry re­qui­re­men­ts. What com­ple­tes the struc­tu­re is the fact that guests can ex­pe­rien­ce the in­no­va­ti­ve tech­ni­ques and theo­ries im­ple­men­ted via the ther­mal struc­tu­re. He­re clien­ts are not li­mi­ted to the ty­pi­cal dua­li­sm of well­ness and beau­ty but are in­tro­du­ced to ano­ther di­men­sion: the­ra­py. The ow­ners in fact wor­ked ve­ry hard to build and main­tain a the­ra­peu­ti­cal di­men­sion whi­le still of­fe­ring ho­li­stic and beau­ty treat­men­ts. This is how the Cen­tro Sa­lu­te Qui­si­sa­na, whi­ch is al­so re­co­gni­zed by the na­tio­nal heal­th ser­vi­ces, has been wor­king on crea­ting a re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion cen­tre ba­sed on the Ba­ci­no Termale Eu­ga­neo. The­re is a spe­cial mud-the­ra­py, and this par­ti­cu­lar tech­ni­que has been tra­de­mar­ked for its an­ti-in­flam­ma­to­ry qua­li­ties. The­re is al­so ano­ther di­men­sion, the Beau­ty Farm Qui­si­sa­na, the fir­st to ap­pear in the area that of­fers guests a ve­ry qua­li­fied team of the­ra­pists, beau­ti­cians, mas­seu­se, all fo­cu­sed on crea­ting a com­pre­hen­si­ve and com­ple­te me­nu of treat­men­ts that aim to re­du­ce stress. In the SPA area the­re are two ther­mal wa­ter pools, the in­door one even has a cor­ner wi­th hy­drau­lics that then com­mu­ni­ca­tes wi­th the out­door pool that has a whirl­pool and wa­ter­falls that do won­ders for the back and neck.

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