Coun­try style in the Sa­ren­ti­ne Alps

Area Wellness - - Case History -

In 1975 Ro­se and Step­p­wen­ter took over the Bad Schör­gau and af­ter ele­ven years be­ca­me its proud ow­ners. Du­ring the fir­st im­me­dia­te re­no­va­tions that were sup­po­sed to be li­mi­ted to the 20 rooms, a new gourmet re­stau­rant was ad­ded that im­me­dia­te­ly be­ca­me a bea­con for foo­dies bo­th near and beyond the Alps, espe­cial­ly tho­se loo­king for well stoc­ked wi­ne cel­lars, a ra­ri­ty at the time. In 2002 a new “Wood Ho­tel” was built next to the ori­gi­nal buil­ding, ad­ding 15 mo­re rooms to the struc­tu­re, on the sa­me oc­ca­sion the Bad Schör­gau rein­ven­ted its self as de­sti­na­tion for coun­try style ba­ths and even ope­ned a modern SPA. Today the ho­tel has 25 rooms in modern al­pi­ne style whi­le still hol­ding strong ties to the lo­cal coun­try tra­di­tions of sim­pli­ci­ty and de­si­gn. The­re are fi­ve room ca­te­go­ries: the Schor­gau whi­ch are up to 27sqm lar­ge and ha­ve wood floors and bal­co­nies wi­th views of the fir fo­rests or of the For­cel­la di Sa­ren­ti­no, the Sar­ner rooms whi­ch ha­ve ba­th­tubs pla­ced in a cor­ner wi­th views of the trees and are fur­ni­shed wi­th tra­di­tio­nal hand pain­ted fur­ni­tu­re. The Schar­ten ha­ve a mo­re pu­re de­si­gn, wi­th an­ti­que beds and strong uses of whi­te and green lea­ther, the Badl’s par­ti­cu­la­ri­ty are the lar­ge cor­ner ba­th tubs. The Sui­tes are 63sqm lar­ge and so­me are even spread on two floors, wi­th a com­for­ta­ble li­ving area and night room. What real­ly is no­ta­ble at the Bad Schoer­gau is how ori­gi­nal their well­ness area is, it has com­ple­te­ly in­te­gra­ted the coun­try style ba­ths that da­te back to the 50’s wi­th the Re-na­tu­re SPA a new struc­tu­re that can count on a ri­ch na­tu­ral wa­ter sour­ce wi­th pre­cious mi­ne­rals, iron and sul­fur. Inside the ba­th guests can en­joy the Kneipp se­ries, the Fin­ni­sh sau­nas at 80°, the Bre­chl­sau­na at 60° wi­th mountain pi­ne tree va­pors and a tra­di­tio­nal coun­try style sau­na lo­ca­ted out­doors hea­ted by wood from the Val­le di Se­ren­ti­no fo­rests. The­re is even an out­door pool wi­th salt wa­ter and no chlo­ri­ne and ori­gi­nal wood bar­rels for ba­thing, inside the lat­ter is wa­ter that co­mes di­rec­tly from the Bad Schör­gau spring whi­ch is even mo­re spe­cial due to its pro­ve­nan­ce, the Sa­ren­ti­ne Alps.

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