Wi­ne, hot ther­mal wa­ter and sty­le

Area Wellness - - Case History -

Stan­ding abo­ve the old Via Clo­dia, whi­ch con­nec­ted sou­thern Etru­ria to Ro­me, Ve­lo­na Ca­stle was built as a me­die­val for­tress in the 11th cen­tu­ry. Thewat­ch­to­wer was ad­ded in the 12th cen­tu­ry, a re­min­der of the old ri­val­ry bet­ween Sie­na and Flo­ren­ce. The rear part of the Ca­stle is from the la­te me­die­val pe­riod. In the Re­nais­san­ce, a pe­riod whi­ch ga­ve us the Main Log­gia, the Ca­stle was tur­ned in­to a re­si­den­tial vil­la; “Ve­lo­na” is re­pre­sen­ted in fre­scoed maps in the Va­ti­can by the fa­mous co­smo­gra­pher, geo­gra­pher and ma­the­ma­ti­cian from Pe­ru­gia, Igna­zio Dan­ti. Dar­k­ness fell over the Ca­stle for ma­ny cen­tu­ries, un­til 1997, when it was re­sur­rec­ted from the ruins and works star­ted to turn it in­to a lu­xu­ry re­lais, thanks to re­struc­tu­ring work that re­tai­ned the ori­gi­nal struc­tu­re of the re­si­den­ce. The com­pa­ny Po­de­re Ca­stel­lo 1997 srl, whi­ch pur­cha­sed the pro­per­ty in 2003, un­der­took other re­no­va­tion and ex­ten­sion works, su­per­vi­sed by Ing. Fa­bia­ni, the re­sult being the mo­dern-day Ca­stel­lo di Ve­lo­na Re­sort, Ther­mal SPA & Wi­ne­ry. The SPA wa­ter spring that gu­shes from Mon­te Amia­ta is the do­mi­nant na­tu­ral ele­ment of Oli SPA, a struc­tu­re co­ve­ring 1,500 m2 of the ca­stle. The per­fec­tion of the tra­ver­ti­ne mar­ble is the do­mi­nant ele­ment of the well­ness area. The use of this pre­sti­gious ma­te­rial, a Tu­scan tra­di­tion, is al­so a re­fe­ren­ce to the mi­ne­ral con­tai­ned in the SPA wa­ters, whi­ch spurt for­th in the two out­door swim­ming pools and in the two in­door pools wi­th Ja­cuz­zi, all boa­sting a fi­ne view of the Val d’or­cia, a Une­sco­world He­ri­ta­ge si­te. The fi­ve treat­ment ca­bins, two Tur­ki­sh ba­ths, sau­na and ‘emo­tio­nal sho­wers’, ju­st as all the treat­men­ts on of­fer, from bo­dy and fa­ce mas­sa­ges to scrubs and packs, are de­si­gned to of­fer sen­so­ry de­lights and to­tal re­la­xa­tion. Gra­pes, a Bru­nel­lo wi­ne from the com­pa­ny’s wi­ne­ry, and oli­ve oil, lo­cal pro­duc­ts, and other na­tu­ral in­gre­dien­ts are used to gi­ve guests the bo­dy sen­sa­tion of a per­fect union bet­ween the ter­ri­to­ry, wa­ter and man. Oli SPA of­fers cou­ples the pos­si­bi­li­ty of sha­ring in a pri­va­te ca­bin a mo­ment of re­la­xa­tion and well­being, as well as the pos­si­bi­li­ty of stay­ing in one of the Ho­tel’s SPA Sui­tes, whe­re hot ther­mal wa­ter is sup­plied di­rec­tly to the tubs in the be­drooms, al­so fit­ted wi­th pri­va­te ca­bins for treat­men­ts.

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