Arian­na’s eli­xir on the Gar­da La­ke

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Li­mo­ne sul Gar­da boasts a lu­xu­ry fi­ve star ho­tel, the Park Ho­tel Im­pe­rial Cen­tro Tao, whi­ch fo­cu­ses on a se­ries of de­di­ca­ted is­sues, the mo­st im­por­tant being “li­ving well”. How, one may ask? By ta­king com­ple­te ca­re of its guests. The fo­cus isn’t on weight loss but on the bo­dy’s har­mo­ny and the ba­lan­ce bet­ween mind and bo­dy, whi­le re­spec­ting the guests’ age and li­fe sty­le. For exam­ple, tho­se guests who would li­ke to lo­se a cou­ple of ex­tra pounds will learn to eat cor­rec­tly and to cou­ple the right com­bi­na­tions of food along wi­th a se­ries of heal­thy wor­kou­ts. Tho­se who want to ea­se aging will work on tran­sfor­ming their wrin­kles, wor­king to­wards a mo­re hy­dra­ted and lu­mi­nous skin to­ne, achie­ved wi­th the help of co­sme­tics that are ma­de up of on­ly na­tu­ral in­gre­dien­ts that de­ri­ve from the Gar­da La­ke and whi­ch are for­mu­la­ted un­der the strict su­per­vi­sion of the cen­ter’s ow­ner Arian­na Ri­sat­ti. The­se pro­duc­ts in fact are cal­led “Arian­na’s Eli­xir” and ha­ve a le­mon and ci­trus ba­se, all or­ga­nic; oli­ve oil, whi­ch is ve­ry ri­ch in nu­trien­ts, and a se­ries of ex­trac­ts among whi­ch ro­se, ge­ra­nium and na­tu­ral aro­mas that will not pro­vo­ke al­ler­gies. The Tao Cen­tre is what is kno­wn in in­du­stry as a Na­tu­ral Me­di­cal SPA, it fol­lo­ws tra­di­tio­nal Chi­ne­se me­di­ci­ne wi­thout thou­gh lo­sing tou­ch wi­th we­stern de­ve­lo­p­men­ts and mo­dern re­sear­ch in­to well­ness and der­mo-co­sme­to­lo­gy. In eve­ry en­vi­ron­ment on­ly ri­go­rou­sly na­tu­ral ele­men­ts are used, bo­th in phy­sio­the­ra­py and in ho­meo­pa­thy, so that the ob­jec­ti­ve to rea­li­gn guests’ li­fe sty­les wi­th the na­tu­ral bio­rhy­thms of the or­ga­ni­sm is re­spec­ted. The stra­te­gy that the Cen­tro Tao uses to bring guests to this le­vel of well­ness is cal­led Tao Sa­lu­te whi­ch ideal­ly lasts se­ven days (if fol­lo­wing the Tao Mi­ni­cu­re). Du­ring this wee­klong stay at the Park Ho­tel Im­pe­rial, the­re will be theo­re­ti­cal les­sons to learn the pil­lars of well­ness and the prin­ci­pals of Chi­ne­se Me­di­ci­ne. Th­rou­gh di­rect ex­pe­rien­ce wi­th a ca­re­ful­ly ar­ti­cu­la­ted se­ries of heal­thy and ge­nui­ne food, dai­ly phy­si­cal exer­ci­se ( bri­sk walks, Hy­dro Gym, dy­na­mic Qi Gong), acu­punc­tu­re, the Be­mer equi­li­brium, Flo­wer the­ra­py, re­fle­xo­lo­gy foot mas­sa­ge, along wi­th beau­ty treat­men­ts ( fa­cial and bo­dy mas­sa­ges of va­rious gen­res) guests will flu­sh out to­xins and re-esta­bli­sh their bo­dy’s cor­rect ener­ge­tic-func­tio­nal ba­lan­ce.

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