A hu­man well­ness ma­chi­ne

Area Wellness - - Case History -

In de­fi­ning the idea be­hind Vil­la­ver­de Ho­tel & Re­sort, Ga­brie­le Lual­di sum­ma­ri­zed the uni­que­ness and the va­lue of the en­vi­ron­men­tal, hi­sto­ri­cal, ar­ti­stic, and cul­tu­ral aspec­ts of its lo­ca­tion and sur­roun­dings, ima­gi­ning him­self and the Re­sort’s guests im­mer­sed in “the mo­st beau­ti­ful pla­ce on ear­th”. Vil­la­ver­de Ho­tel & Re­sort lies in Fa­ga­gna, one of Ita­ly’s mo­st char­ming ham­le­ts, a stra­te­gic point to be rea­ched by car, pri­va­te pla­ne or he­li­cop­ter Beau­ty, sug­ge­stion, and hi­sto­ry the­se are the pil­lars of the area. The re­sort was de­si­gned to blend in wi­th its land­sca­pe and to sa­ve ener­gy: de­spi­te its hi­gh-te­ch sty­le, the ar­chi­tec­tu­re and the ma­te­rials used to build it, per­fec­tly di­sap­pears in­to its sur­roun­dings. The pho­to­vol­taic sy­stem fit­ted in­to the car park beams is ori­gi­nal and ea­sy on the eye, whi­le the grass-co­ve­red roof forms a con­ti­nuous who­le wi­th the golf cour­se. De­si­gned by Ar­chi­tect Ales­sio Prin­cic as a “hu­man well­ness ma­chi­ne”, the pro­ject has been con­cei­ved wi­th the grea­te­st re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment and com­bi­nes geo­ther­mic and pho­to­vol­taic po­wer sup­plies that re­du­ce fos­sil fuel com­bu­stion to ze­ro, whi­le adop­ting unu­sual ma­te­rials and co­lors, am­ple glass sur­fa­ces, and out­door areas for an in­ten­se ex­pe­rien­ce of light, ai­ri­ness, ba­lan­ce, and li­ber­ty. The Pri­vi­le­gium re­stau­rant of­fers guests the ori­gi­nal ex­pe­rien­ce of di­ning in a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, ho­me-li­ke kit­chen de­si­gned espe­cial­ly for show-coo­king; al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, guests may choo­se the Vil­la­ver­de Bar&re­stau­rant, whi­ch is about 200m away and rea­ched via a brid­ge lin­king the Re­sort to the golf cour­se. The Re­sort is a mo­del wi­th a fo­cus on heal­th pre­ven­tion to sup­port heal­th and well-being across li­fe span. As a mem­ber of the “Heal­th Ca­re Pre­ven­tion” Club, guests are en­cou­ra­ged to un­der­go me­di­cal tests, at­tend the gym and the swim­ming pool; the phy­si­cians look af­ter their phy­si­cal heal­th ha­ving ac­cess to in­di­vi­dual re­cords in a da­ta­ba­se avai­la­ble to them al­so in the eve­nings and at the wee­kends. A wi­de ran­ge of me­di­cal spe­cial­ties are of­fe­red to bo­th guests and mem­bers of the “Heal­th Ca­re Pre­ven­tion” Club. In ad­di­tion to per­so­na­li­zed fa­cial and bo­dy treat­men­ts pro­po­sed af­ter ca­re­ful ana­ly­sis of the in­di­vi­dual’s needs, day- ho­spi­tal ae­sthe­tic sur­ge­ry wi­th sa­fe and re­lia­ble mi­ni-in­va­si­ve tech­ni­ques that gua­ran­tee ex­cel­lent re­sul­ts wi­thout re­qui­ring any ho­spi­ta­li­za­tion.

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