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The fi­ve- star La Ba­di­ra, mem­ber of the Lea­ding Ho­tels of theworld, re­tra­ces Ham­ma­met’s cen­tu­ry-old il­lu­strious pa­st, from Paul Klee’s voya­ge to Tu­ni­sia in 1914 up un­til the pre­sent day. The ho­tel re­crea­tes the at­mo­sphe­re of ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry tra­vel when the na­me of Ham­ma­met be­ca­me kno­wn in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly. A lar­ge com­mu­ni­ty of fo­rei­gners, main­ly Eu­ro­pean, set­tled in the small to­wn and de­ve­lo­ped a real ap­pre­cia­tion of the lo­cal ar­chi­tec­tu­re, in­te­rior de­co­ra­tion, and han­di­craf­ts. They we­re fol­lo­wed by do­zens of ar­tists, su­ch as An­dré Gi­de, Ar­let­ty, Oscar­wil­de, Jean Coc­teau and So­phia Lo­ren, who all ca­me to Ham­ma­met in sear­ch of the ra­re qua­li­ty of its light. La Ba­di­ra is a mo­dern con­struc­tion in a uni­que set­ting that cap­tu­res the spi­rit of tho­se days. The buil­dings and equi­p­men­ts are of ex­cep­tio­nal­ly hi­gh qua­li­ty, wi­th 45m² rooms, all wi­th a sea view, and 160m² sui­tes, ea­ch wi­th a fi­re­pla­ce and a pri­va­te pool. A new and in­no­va­ti­ve ta­ke on Tu­ni­sian cui­si­ne by re­no­w­ned in­ter­na­tio­nal chef Se­ba­stien Bon­tour uses lo­cal pro­duc­ts; the The­mae SPA whi­ch of­fers na­tu­ral tea-ba­sed treat­men­ts has been cho­sen as “Be­st Spa” by El­le ma­ga­zi­ne; top qua­li­ty lo­cal han­di­craf­ts are avai­la­ble; and ma­de-to-mea­su­re ex­cur­sions and ser­vi­ces all be­ne­fit from the la­te­st tech­no­lo­gies. La Ba­di­ra has been de­si­gned to of­fer year-round li­ving, bo­th in­doors and out­doors, pro­vi­ding guests wi­th a sen­se of well-being th­rou­ghout the day. In­ti­ma­te areas ha­ve been crea­ted in and around the ho­tel wi­th a li­bra­ry, an in­door chim­ney area, the La Ba­di­ra cock­tail bar, the ter­ra­ce fi­re­pla­ce and la­wns per­fu­med wi­th ja­smi­ne, bit­ter oran­ge trees and ja­smi­ne. Two bou­ti­ques, one de­di­ca­ted to lo­cal han­di­craf­ts and the other to lo­cal pro­du­ce, il­lu­stra­te the au­then­ti­ci­ty and charm of Tu­ni­sia and the si­gna­tu­re of La Ba­di­ra and its part­ners gua­ran­tees the une­qual­led qua­li­ty of the pro­duc­ts they of­fer. Thus La Ba­di­ra de­mon­stra­tes its de­si­re to be of ser­vi­ce, pro­po­sing ma­de-to-mea­su­re ser­vi­ces from ear­ly mor­ning to la­te at night. Li­ke the tra­vel­lers, wri­ters and ad­ven­tu­rers of the la­st cen­tu­ry, guests feel at ho­me and among­st friends. La Ba­di­ra re­pre­sen­ts all the charm of ye­ste­ryear re­vi­si­ted wi­th a mo­dern ap­proa­ch, a pla­ce whe­re re­gu­lar vi­si­tors and new co­mers can min­gle wi­th sim­pli­ci­ty, ele­gan­ce and di­scre­tion.

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