A Mo­na­ste­ry on the Amal­fi Coa­st

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Mo­na­ste­ro San­ta Ro­sa is one of the fi­ne­st and mo­st im­por­tant hi­sto­ric buil­dings of the Amal­fi Coa­st, an ex­clu­si­ve boutique ho­tel and SPA re­no­va­ted pay­ing the ut­mo­st re­spect to its spi­ri­tual roo­ts and ri­ch hi­sto­ry. The com­plex was built in 1681 on the walls of the an­cient chur­ch of San­ta Ma­ria di Gra­do, whi­ch at that ti­me was in ruins and had been do­na­ted by the to­wn of Con­ca dei Ma­ri­ni to Ab­bess Si­ster Ro­sa Pan­dol­fo, the de­scen­dant of a ri­ch and no­ble Ita­lian fa­mi­ly. Over the years the si­sters grea­tly hel­ped the lo­cal po­pu­la­tion len­ting their her­bal kno­w­led­ge to the com­mu­ni­ty by pre­pa­ring me­di­ci­nes and re­me­dies for com­mon di­sea­ses. They had a ca­nal built to bring wa­ter to the mo­na­ste­ry and from the­re to the in­ha­bi­tan­ts of Con­ca dei Ma­ri­ni. Around 1866, the nuns we­re for­ced to mo­ve and the mo­na­ste­ry was aban­do­ned. Af­ter years of ne­glect, the ho­te­lier Mas­si­mi­lia­no Mar­cuc­ci di Pu­blio bought the si­te, tran­sfor­ming it, in 1934, in a ho­tel that soon be­ca­me re­no­w­ned for its ex­cel­lent ho­spi­ta­li­ty, the se­re­ni­ty of the pla­ce and, of cour­se, for the ex­traor­di­na­ry pa­no­ra­ma of­fe­red by ea­ch his room. Ma­ny ce­le­bri­ties stayed at the ho­tel, in­clu­ding Jac­que­li­ne Ken­ne­dy du­ring her ho­li­days on the Coa­st. Fol­lo­wing the dea­th of the la­st de­scen­dant of the Mar­cuc­ci fa­mi­ly and af­ter a se­ries of un­for­tu­na­te even­ts, the ho­tel was aban­do­ned and ne­glec­ted. In 1999, the Ame­ri­can Bian­ca Shar­ma, du­ring a crui­se wi­th friends in the Bay of Sa­ler­no, was li­te­ral­ly "en­rap­tu­red" by the haun­ting beau­ty of this so­li­ta­ry and di­la­pi­da­ted buil­ding over­loo­king the sea, and de­ci­ded to buy the buil­ding and turn it in­to one of the fi­ne­st ho­tels in the world. Wor­king wi­th a team of ar­chi­tec­ts and craf­tsmen she un­der­took a me­ti­cu­lous pa­th of re­no­va­tion works that pre­ser­ved the in­te­gri­ty of the struc­tu­re of the mo­na­ste­ry in or­der to lea­ve un­tou­ched its au­ra of an­ti­qui­ty and hi­sto­ry whi­le at the sa­me ti­me pro­vi­ding all ne­ces­sa­ry mo­dern com­forts to ma­ke it a lu­xu­ry ho­tel. Ea­ch ca­bin wi­thin the Spa pre­ser­ves the ori­gi­nal 17th Cen­tu­ry vaul­ted cei­lings and ma­ny of its ru­stic walls, main­tai­ning the mo­na­stic he­ri­ta­ge of this beau­ti­ful pro­per­ty. The Re­fet­to­rio Re­stau­rant, has a full Me­di­ter­ra­nean soul, en­han­ced wi­th lo­cal fla­vours and a crea­ti­ve tou­ch.

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