A cul­tu­ral re­vo­lu­tion in Ve­ne­to

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From 1972 the Mag­gia fa­mi­ly has been at the helm of the Ho­tel Er­mi­ta­ge Bel Air, one of the fir­st ther­mal struc­tu­res of Aba­no Ter­me. The lat­ter is an area that is lo­ca­ted wi­thin the Na­tio­nal Park that is Col­li Eu­ga­nei whe­re the re­k­no­w­ned the­ra­peu­ti­cal­ly pro­per­ties of the springs ha­ve been a de­sti­na­tion for tou­rists from all over the world. The li­ve­li­hood of this ni­che mar­ket has been put in­to que­stion by a se­ries of ele­men­ts that ha­ve wea­ke­ned its ap­peal lea­ding to the dra­stic loss of re­ser­va­tions and re­ve­nue of ma­ny of the struc­tu­res in Aba­no Ter­me, espe­cial­ly for ho­tels who ha­ve been re­si­stant to up­da­ting their ima­ge and ser­vi­ces. The Ho­tel Er­mi­ta­ge Bel Air da­tes back to the la­te 1800‚s, to­day it has a par­ti­cu­lar­ly stun­ning lob­by and re­stau­rant. The ser­vi­ces of the ho­tel are clear­ly tied to the ther­mal pre­sen­ce. It boasts th­ree pri­va­te springs that bring in over 10000 li­ters a mi­nu­te, the cen­ter al­so has ac­cess to mud that co­mes from a la­ke in the Col­li Eu­ga­nei that is aged in ther­mal wa­ter for at lea­st 60 days for a the­ra­peu­tic re­sult that has bo­th an­ti-in­flam­ma­to­ry and anal­ge­sic pro­per­ties. This area of ex­per­ti­se thou­gh would not ha­ve been enou­gh to gua­ran­tee the pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty of the struc­tu­re so in the cour­se of ti­me the ow­ner, en­gi­neer Mar­co Mag­gia, de­ci­ded to ta­ke over from his fa­ther and set in mo­tion a se­ries of chan­ges that could be pre­sen­ted as a ca­se stu­dy for ho­te­lier stu­den­ts. He open­ly sta­tes how the ge­ne­sis of his con­cept of Me­di­cal Ho­tel ca­me to be. It isn‚t ju­st an in­vest­ment of ener­gy and re­sour­ces. The re­vo­lu­tion that has been put in pla­ce is prin­ci­pal­ly cul­tu­ral. Our staff are the fir­st to ma­ke an im­pres­sion and ha­ve the abi­li­ty to ma­ke a stay me­mo­ra­ble for our guests. We don‚t want to re­clu­se our­sel­ves from the Ho­tel tra­di­tion but the con­cept of a Me­di­cal Ho­tel su­ch as ours is ma­de up by a se­ries of ele­men­ts that re­spond to com­plex re­qui­re­men­ts and needs of va­rious de­grees of heal­th, it could not be de­ve­lo­ped wi­thout a strong phi­lo­so­phy that real­ly ta­kes in­to ac­count the in­clu­sion of bo­th heal­thy and re­co­ve­ring guests in the sa­me en­vi­ron­ment. The re­sult is gua­ran­teed qua­li­ty and as­si­stan­ce wi­thout ma­king one or the other feel un­com­for­ta­ble. So­me cul­tu­ral re­vo­lu­tions need ti­me to ta­ke hold but will not be slo­wed do­wn. A tou­ri­sm that is ac­ces­si­ble to all peo­ple is a con­cept that has hu­ge po­ten­tial, and it is this pio­nee­ring exam­ple should be an in­spi­ra­tion to ma­ny other Ita­lian ho­tels loo­king for a chan­ge.

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