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Area Wellness - - Case History -

The Pfö­sl Ho­tel, run by the hosts Eva and Bri­git­te Zel­ger and Da­niel Ma­hl­k­ne­cht, is si­tua­ted on the sun­ny Deu­tsch­no­fen pla­teau in a uni­que, pa­no­ra­mic spot over­loo­king the Ro­sen­gar­ten and La­te­mar mas­sifs and sur­roun­ded by 35 hec­ta­res of fo­re­st and mea­do­ws. The Pfö­sl has al­ways been far­med by ho­spi­ta­ble peo­ple: around 1950 An­ton Zel­ger re­built the far­m­hou­se to an inn and in 1996 Her­ta and Luis Zel­ger, whi­ch took the esta­blish­ment over, up­gra­ded the inn wi­th di­li­gen­ce and com­mit­ment to a 4- star ho­tel. To­day the next ge­ne­ra­tion is con­duc­ting the ho­tel and sin­ce the be­gin­ning of Ju­ne the mo­dern struc­tu­re shi­ned in a mi­ni­mal and clean de­si­gn wi­th 18 new na­tu­re sui­tes, 3 ex­clu­si­ve cha­le­ts clo­se to the fo­re­st and a re­no­va­tion of exi­sting ho­tel fa­ci­li­ties. Eco- friend­ly con­struc­tion, ca­re­ful­ly se­lec­ted na­tu­ral ma­te­rials and the warm­th of Al­pi­ne wood lend the Pfö­sl a ve­ry spe­cial am­bien­ce. An ideal pla­ce for anyo­ne who lo­ves na­tu­re and stay­ing ac­ti­ve, the Pfö­sl exists in com­ple­te har­mo­ny wi­th the en­vi­ro­ment. Guests are cor­dial­ly wel­co­med in the spa­cious and plea­san­tly fur­ni­shed rooms in mo­dern de­si­gn wi­th woo­den in­te­rior and all de­si­ra­ble ame­ni­ties. Re­li­sh scrump­tious re­gio­nal di­shes and wi­nes in the re­stau­rant are cho­sen by the chef Mar­kus Thur­ner: su­stai­na­ble and sea­so­nal na­tu­re cui­si­ne wi­th own herb gar­dens. Beau­ti­ful­ly si­tua­ted in a sce­nic vil­la­ge, the ho­tel of­fers its guests an ideal star­ting lo­ca­tion for hi­king and bi­king tours, golf, clim­bing, hor­se ri­ding as well as ex­cur­sion to the skiing area Obe­reg­gen. Bol­za­no wi­th its shop­ping and en­ter­tain­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties is lo­ca­ted 23 ki­lo­me­tres away. Na­tu­ra­spa area wi­th 8 dif­fe­rent sau­nas, pa­no­ra­mic re­st spa­ce, is an oa­sis of re­lax wi­th wa­ter beds, pa­no­ra­mic in­door swim­ming pool, fit­ness cen­tre, gar­den wi­th na­tu­ral pond. The ho­tel is mem­ber of the coo­pe­ra­tions “Vi­tal­pi­na Ho­tels Süd­ti­rol”, “Wan­de­rho­tels”, “Bi­ke­ho­tels” and “Golf in Süd­ti­rol".

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