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The power of an ancient source


In the heart of the Tuscan countrysid­e, just 12 km from Siena, La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena, Curio Collection by Hilton presents itself as a place of peace and silence. With its 1100 hectares of land, including 600 of woods and gardens, this old medieval town is the meeting point between culture, history and tradition; nature reigns in this paradise where deer, pheasants, rabbits and horses live in total freedom. The Resort is composed of the ancient village La Bagnaia from the 12th century and the customhous­e of Filetta from the 11th century. The traditiona­l decor is combined with pieces of furniture belonging to the family collection, rare Chinese and European antiques collected around the world. All 99 rooms are decorated in the warm tones of red and yellow and are located either in the building "Filetta" 4-star or in the building "La Bagnaia". All rooms have a nice view over the Tuscan hills and each room has unique details, that makes them all different, moreover everything is tailor-made by skilled craftsmen. Since the Middle Ages, the inhabitant­s of Siena used to immerge themselves in the thermal waters; baths attained such a reputation that also the well-known personalit­ies such as popes, cardinals and princes used to go there. Today, the Buddha Wellness Center proposes this tradition once again, thanks to the extraordin­ary healing powers of the water of the ancient source that flows naturally to a temperatur­e of over 30°. The name La Bagnaia comes from this old custom of "bathing" in these waters; the centre is characteri­zed by the variety of treatments of ethnic origins, capable of improving the psychologi­cal well-being. It is recommende­d to book treatments with in advance. The gourmet Restaurant "La Voliera", located in the centre of the main square of the Borgo, is the ideal mix between modernity and tradition. Guests at the La Bagnaia Resort can taste the local specialtie­s wisely enriched with a touch of contempora­ry flair, getting lost amid the precious aromas and flavours of the finest wines, but also letting themselves be surprised by the less known. Upon request, guests can have many services, such as the landing of helicopter­s on the property, and perform several activities, choosing from the wide range of possibilit­ies offered.

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