Well­ness at se­ven stars in Ve­ni­ce

Area Wellness - - Case History -

In San­skrit the word Aman means pea­ce, shel­ter, pro­tec­tion, and this is the phi­lo­so­phy the lu­xu­ry re­sort chain adop­ts when choo­sing the lo­ca­tions for its ho­tels around the world. Over­loo­king the Grand Ca­nal, in the San Po­lo di­strict, Pa­laz­zo Pa­pa­do­po­li was com­mis­sio­ned by the Coc­ci­na fa­mi­ly of Ber­ga­mo. Built in the six­teen­th cen­tu­ry and de­si­gned by ar­chi­tect Gian Gia­co­mo de ‘Gri­gi, the pa­laz­zo hou­ses the stri­king Aman Ca­nal Gran­de Ho­tel Re­sort. The ma­je­stic Istrian sto­ne fa­ca­de wi­th its cen­tral Ser­lian win­do­ws con­ceals a trea­su­re of fre­scoes, stuc­co and mar­ble of ra­re beau­ty and, abo­ve all, gua­ran­tees the di­scre­tion to whi­ch the guests aspi­re. The L- sha­ped buil­ding de­ve­lops ver­ti­cal­ly over th­ree floors: from the re­cep­tion, usual­ly ac­ces­sed from the small har­bour, a grand stair­ca­se ri­ses up two floors to the main floor and he­re, a spa­cious ve­sti­bu­le leads to the loun­ge area, the bar and two di­ning rooms. The ho­tel has 24 lu­xu­ry sui­tes, di­vi­ded in­to four ca­te­go­ries: the Pa­laz­zo Be­droom, the Pa­laz­zo Cham­ber, the Pa­laz­zo Stan­zas and Si­gna­tu­re Rooms, whi­ch in­clu­de the Grand Ca­nal Sui­te wi­th its loun­ge and the cha­rac­te­ri­stic ar­ched win­dow as well as the Al­co­va Tie­po­lo Sui­te, wi­th a fre­sco by Gian Bat­ti­sta Tie­po­lo. Com­ple­ting the pro­per­ty are two pri­va­te gar­dens, one of whi­ch over­looks the ca­nal. The re­no­va­tion work by Jean Mi­chel Ga­thy for Den­ni­ston Ar­chi­tec­ts la­sted 18 mon­ths and in­vol­ved all the rooms and lar­ge pu­blic areas: it was a con­ser­va­ti­ve in­ter­ven­tion de­si­gned to pre­ser­ve the ori­gi­nal beau­ty of the struc­tu­re. In con­tra­st to the ma­gni­fi­cen­ce of the rooms, the fur­ni­tu­re cho­sen has smoo­th, es­sen­tial li­nes. Lar­ge in­vi­ting pa­le­co­lou­red so­fas oc­cu­py the hall, the li­bra­ry and mo­st of the com­mon areas. In the be­drooms, beds, chairs and ta­bles wi­th so­ber li­nes sit in sharp con­tra­st wi­th the fre­scoes, mir­rors and pre­cious de­tails.

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