Art and mo­der­ni­sm in Ber­ga­mo

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The ar­chi­tect Al­fre­do Na­li­ni is the crea­tor of the Re­lais San Lo­ren­zo, Win­ner of the the 2017 Ita­lian SPA Award for be­st Ur­ban SPA, who­se con­cept of well­ness per­fec­tly mat­ches the ho­spi­ta­li­ty they of­fer whi­le sur­roun­ded in the re­no­w­ned ar­chi­tect's fla­w­less en­vi­ron­ment. From when one fir­st en­ters the struc­tu­re and steps th­rou­gh the rooms to the gor­geous cloi­ster, what is im­me­dia­te­ly stri­king is the fact that the re­lais ta­kes ad­van­ta­ge and hi­ghlights the stun­ning com­bi­na­tion of art and cul­tu­re, an­ti­qui­ty and mo­der­ni­sm, na­tu­re and emo­tions and all of their off­springs. Tra­di­tion is fur­ther ac­cen­tua­ted in the 30 rooms, whi­ch are fur­ni­shed sim­ply and wi­th per­fect ta­ste, whe­re what stands out is the craf­tsman­ship and de­si­gn of the Ita­lian ma­de pie­ces. Among the­se are wood pie­ces from Afro­mo­sia, cou­ches, chairs and arm­chairs in lea­ther by Pol­tro­na Frau, ta­bles by Mol­ten&c., Flos lighting, tubs co­ro­na by Aga­pe and hy­drau­lics by Ja­cuz­zi along wi­th tex­ti­les by Ri­col­ta Ca­mi­gna­ni and hand wo­ven car­pe­ts that gi­ve off the fee­ling that one is in a spa­ce that phy­si­cal­ly re­pre­sen­ts the phi­lo­so­phy and hi­sto­ry of Ita­lian and hi­gh qua­li­ty de­si­gn. In ad­di­tion to the the vi­sual sti­mu­li the guests are able to en­joy an awa­ke­ning of all of their sen­ses wi­thin the SPA, the real heart of the re­lais. He­re no­thing is left to chan­ce and guests are ac­com­pa­nied th­rou­gh the ideal se­ries of treat­men­ts that will al­low them to lea­ve be­hind stress and dai­ly slug­gi­sh­ness by ha­ving them ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of the emo­tio­nal sho­wers whe­re enor­mous sho­wers heads re­crea­te in­cre­di­bly in­ten­se rain falls, walk th­rou­gh cold fogs, chro­mo­the­ra­py, va­por ba­ths and mu­ch mo­re. The wan­ted ef­fect, ac­cor­ding to us, is tran­sfor­ma­ti­ve, si­mi­lar to the awa­ke­ning fo a hid­den co­smos wi­thin us via the ho­li­stic po­wer of co­lors, mu­sic and wa­ter. Af­ter ha­ving tho­rou­ghly re­la­xed the bo­dy and soul the­re is no­thing bet­ter than in­dul­ging one’s ta­ste wi­th the help of the ma­ster­ful chef of the emer­ging and crea­ti­ve in-hou­se re­stau­rant. The un­der­ground Ho­sta­ria is lo­ca­ted di­rec­tly bet­ween Me­die­val and Ro­man ruins of the old ci­ty of Ber­ga­mo and is yet ano­ther in­cre­di­ble sur­pri­se.

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