65 years of a fa­mi­ly-run bu­si­ness

Area Wellness - - Case History -

The Bel­ve­de­re Ho­tel near Bol­za­no has been a fa­mi­ly- run bu­si­ness for 65 years. In the four- star su­pe­rior struc­tu­re, ne­stled in the ma­gi­cal land­sca­pe of the Sal­ten, the har­mo­nious in­ter­play of light and the vi­vid co­lours of na­tu­re crea­te a uni­que feel-good am­bien­ce. Whi­le en­joy­ing the break­fa­st on the ho­tel ter­ra­ce in the mor­ning, guests can sa­vour a clear view over the Do­lo­mi­tes all the way to the sou­thern bor­der of the re­gion of Sou­th Ty­rol. The exi­sting ho­tel had been ex­pan­ded wi­th a new wing be­low the le­vel of the pre­sent gar­den. New Sui­tes we­re built, par­tly em­bed­ded in the gar­den and of­fe­ring a brea­th­ta­king view wi­th their pa­no­ra­mic location. Fur­ther­mo­re, a new Out­door-swim­ming Pool wi­th roo­fed ac­cess, a lar­ger SPA, gym and re­lax area are de­si­gned to of­fer an ex­clu­si­ve ex­pe­rien­ce. 300 sun­ny days year- round and the ho­tel’s con­ve­nient location pro­vi­de an ideal set­ting for a va­rie­ty of trips to the near and far­ther sur­roun­dings and for ex­plo­ring the ma­ny hi­ghlights of the re­gion. In fact, an in­cre­di­ble pea­ce emer­ges from the lar­ge, ele­gant lar­ches that de­fi­ne the hi­gh pla­teau: they bor­der the road on the left and on the right, re­ve­ren­tial gian­ts set amid­st ri­ch green mea­do­ws. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly my­sti­cal pla­ces are the lit­tle Ro­ma­ne­sque chur­ch of “St. Ja­cob” at Lang­fenn Inn, the clay py­ra­mids in Gla­nig and the Stoa­ner­nen Mandln, a Cel­tic re­li­gious si­te si­tua­ted at 2,000 me­ters al­ti­tu­de. In ad­di­tion, ex­pert ad­vi­ce and ex­ten­si­ve hi­king ser­vi­ce for lei­su­re ac­ti­vi­ties, as well as per­so­nal as­si­stan­ce du­ring hi­king and moun­tain bi­ke tours th­rou­gh the Sou­th Ty­ro­lean coun­try­si­de, are al­so in­clu­ded in the ser­vi­ce. The pas­sion for the ge­nui­ne and au­then­tic is re­flec­ted in the vi­tal gourmet cui­si­ne of the Bel­ve­de­re Ho­tel. The use of lo­cal pro­duc­ts and the suc­ces­sful mix of Al­pi­ne ear­thi­ness and Me­di­ter­ra­nean light­ness pro­vi­de the ba­sis for the heal­thy cui­si­ne.

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