Well­ness and emo­tions in Ma­te­ra

Area Wellness - - Case History -

The spra­w­ling ho­tel Aqua­tio Ca­ve Lu­xu­ry Ho­tel & SPA has re­cen­tly ope­ned in Ma­te­ra, that in 2019 will share wi­th Plo­v­div, in Bul­ga­ria, the ho­nour to be Eu­ro­pean Ca­pi­tal of Cul­tu­re . The struc­tu­re has nu­me­rous rooms that are lo­ca­ted di­rec­tly on the si­de of the Sasso Ca­veo­so, an area cal­led Con­che that da­tes back to the XIII cen­tu­ry. The lo­wer part hou­ses the re­cep­tion, a re­stau­rant, the break­fa­st area, con­fe­ren­ce rooms and well­ness cen­ter. The aim was to crea­te an at­mo­sphe­re whe­re well­ness and emo­tions blend to­ge­ther seam­les­sly to en­ve­lo­pe the guests as soon as they step in th­rou­gh the lar­ge en­tran­ce. The ar­chi­tect Co­si­mo dell’ac­qua, who de­si­gned the pro­ject and mo­st im­por­tan­tly fol­lo­wed the ar­chi­tec­tu­ral re­sto­ra­tion, wor­ked ti­re­les­sly to crea­te a struc­tu­re that would be co­he­si­ve wi­th what the spa­ces we­re ori­gi­nal­ly used for. A stri­king exam­ple is the pa­ral­lel bet­ween the areas that we­re an­cien­tly con­vi­vial rooms and whi­ch to­day are used as re­la­xa­tion areas, the re­stau­rant and open am­bien­ts we­re guests can con­gre­ga­te. “Aqua­ti­co – ex­plains Si­mo­ne Mi­che­li, the man be­hind the in­te­rior de­si­gn and light in­stal­la­tions – is a real living work of art, one that can be li­ved in and ex­pe­rien­ced ful­ly. A spa­ce that goes abo­ve and beyond the tra­di­tio­nal in­ter­pre­ta­tion of ti­me, crea­ting a lim­bo bet­ween the pa­st, pre­sent and fu­tu­re.” The SPA is gor­geous, over 500sqm lar­ge, it is the real heart of the struc­tu­re and ma­kes up the ma­jo­ri­ty of the re­sto­red sub­ter­ra­nean rooms that da­te back to the IX cen­tu­ry. The grot­to is the lar­ge­st spa­ce, so roo­my in fact that it hou­ses the pool, who­se walls ha­ve been pla­ste­red fol­lo­wing the tra­di­tio­nal tech­ni­ques. The old wa­ter re­cep­ta­cles ha­ve been tran­sfor­med in­to emo­tio­nal sho­wers, so­me of the re­la­xa­tion re­cli­ners are ac­tual­ly er­go­no­mi­cal­ly cut rock. The­re are sin­gles and cou­ples mas­sa­ge rooms, a Tur­ki­sh ba­th, sau­na, re­la­xa­tion area, beau­ty treat­ment rooms and pro­duc­ts by [con­form zo­ne]. The fi­nal re­sult is a spa­ce that trans­ports guests, bo­th phy­si­cal­ly and emo­tio­nal­ly.

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