The Fren­ch ex­pe­rien­ce of QC Ter­me

Area Wellness - - Case History -

The QC Ter­me well­ness SPA has ar­ri­ved in Cha­mo­nix in the won­der­ful set­ting of the Mont Blanc Val­ley, one of the mo­st fa­mous al­pi­ne de­sti­na­tions in the world and ho­me to moun­tai­nee­ring, hi­king and a weal­th of spor­ting ac­ti­vi­ties. This well- being SPA of 3000 me­tres is set amid a uni­que land­sca­pe un­li­ke any other in the world, over­loo­king a small la­ke, and wi­th the grea­te­st re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment. It of­fers the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of pea­ce and har­mo­ny for the sen­ses, fo­cu­sing on the qua­li­ty of li­fe th­rou­gh the be­ne­fi­cial ef­fec­ts of dif­fe­rent prac­ti­ces, wi­th the aim of re­sto­ring phy­si­cal and spi­ri­tual ba­lan­ce. Lo­ca­ted ve­ry clo­se to Cha­mo­nix pe­de­strian zo­ne ( on­ly a few mi­nu­tes away from the Cha­mo­nix main squa­re), it pro­po­ses over 30 well­ness prac­ti­ces, fol­lo­wing a mul­ti- sen­so­ry jour­ney. Wi­thin the SPA the­re is al­so an in­fi­ni­ty pool who­se re­flec­tion mer­ges wi­th the wa­ter of the ad­ja­cent Al­pi­ne la­ke, all wi­th a brea­th­ta­king view of the Bos­sons Gla­cier and the ma­je­sty of Mont Blanc.the well­ness pa­th in­clu­des bio­sau­nas, steam ba­ths, so­la­riums, whirl­pools, chro­mo­the­ra­py, Kneipp pa­ths, foot­pa­ths, re­la­xa­tion rooms, Vi­chy sho­wers, ham­mams, Ja­pa­ne­se ba­ths, hy­dro­je­ts, and salt and ol­fac­to­ry rooms. The QC Ter­me re­la­xa­tion area is al­so top­ped off by an ex­ten­si­ve col­lec­tion of tai­lor-ma­de mas­sa­ges in­di­vi­dual­ly de­si­gned for ea­ch per­son and treat­men­ts that al­low to re­gain form and mind and bo­dy ba­lan­ce whi­le re­di­sco­ve­ring the plea­su­re of ta­king ca­re of your­self. QC Ter­me Cha­mo­nix de­di­ca­tes itself dai­ly to of­fe­ring its guests a ta­ste ex­pe­rien­ce as well, su­ch as the Well­ness Lun­ch, whi­ch brightens the lun­ch break wi­th a buf­fet of op­tions that sa­ti­sfy the pa­la­te wi­thout for­get­ting about light ea­ting. In the eve­ning, après-ski be­co­mes Ape­ri­ter­me, the on­ly ape­ri­tif in ba­th­ro­be at­ti­re whe­re eve­ry­thing is al­lo­wed in mo­de­ra­tion. It is a ri­ch buf­fet ac­com­pa­nied by spar­kling re­fresh­ment and nib­bles. QC Ter­me Cha­mo­nix is a well­ness de­sti­na­tion to be ex­pe­rien­ced at any ti­me of year.

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