In the heart of the cham­pa­gne vi­neyards

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From Éper­nay sta­tion, beau­ti­ful­ly win­ding roads lead the dri­ver th­rou­gh the Mon­ta­gne de Reims, pa­st an­cient vil­la­ges ne­stled in the heart of the cham­pa­gne vi­neyards. The hi­sto­ric land­sca­pes of Haut­vil­lers is whe­re so ma­ny of the great Fren­ch Cham­pa­gne mai­sons be­gan. Cham­pil­lon is a to­wn of ju­st 500 souls that de­li­vers brea­th­ta­king views of the Mar­ne Val­ley. It is up he­re that you will fir­st en­coun­ter the new­ly re­vi­ta­li­zed Royal Cham­pa­gne Ho­tel & SPA. Along wi­th a ma­jor up­gra­de of the hi­sto­ric buil­ding - on­ce a coa­ching inn whe­re the kings of Fran­ce tra­di­tio­nal­ly stop­ped en rou­te to their co­ro­na­tion (and whe­re, it is said, Na­po­leon pas­sed mo­re than on­ce) - a new­ly-con­struc­ted buil­ding bol­dy hou­ses the re­gion’s on­ly de­sti­na­tion SPA. This mo­dern am­phi­thea­ter arcs ele­gan­tly to em­bra­ce pa­no­ra­mas of the en­ti­re Mar­ne Val­ley, wi­th stun­ning views from ea­ch of the 49 gue­st rooms and sui­tes, as well as from eve­ry ter­ra­ce and treat­ment room. The de­cor chan­ges wi­th the sea­son, as do the me­nus at the ga­stro­no­mic re­stau­rant and bi­stro, bo­th over­seen by chef Jean-de­nis Rieu­bland. Se­du­ced by the aty­pi­cal chal­len­ges of a new fi­ve- star ho­tel in the midd­le of the vi­neyards, and the rich­ness of the ter­roir of Cham­pa­gne, the chef ar­ri­ved to the re­gion wi­th a fre­sh ta­ke on his coo­king. The SPA is ne­stled in a va­st area of 1500 m² that al­lo­ws the guests to ta­ke re­fu­ge in a bub­ble of well­being. The calm of the re­cep­tion is ac­cen­tua­ted by long mo­saic foun­tains. The re­la­xa­tion area wi­th its co­coons of bam­boo, the soft­ness of its lighting and the vi­ne lea­ves car­ved on the wall echo the sur­roun­ding land­sca­pe. In the treat­ment boo­ths, the bub­bles are om­ni­pre­sent: they are em­bed­ded in the wood of the wall pa­nels, in pat­terns on the su­spen­sions and in the form of de­co­ra­ti­ve scon­ces. The play of light sur­roun­ding the beau­ti­ful in­door pool and the view of the vi­neyard is brea­th­ta­king.what was on­ce a hum­ble coa­ching inn is now a grand ho­tel of mo­re than 100,000 squa­re feet, an ar­chi­tec­tu­ral mo­nu­ment that is proud­ly in­fluen­ced by Cham­pa­gne’s land­sca­pe and con­vi­vial cul­tu­re.

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