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Poltrona Frau is acknowledg­ed throughout the world for its values linked to design, quality and creativity, its intelligen­ce in sowing, cutting and finishing, and a style that combines the culture of beauty with aesthetic philosophy. The company is involved in architectu­ral projects such as theatres and auditoria: from the European Parliament in Strasburg to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles by Frank O. Gehry, and from the Auditorium of the Music Park in Rome by Renzo Piano to the Forum of Barcelona by Herzog & de Meuron. And then there are its celebrated living areas, but that’s not all. It is also involved in various sectors such as cars, yachts, aircraft and helicopter­s, in which the historical culture of leather is expressed in the interior fittings - everything that Poltrona Frau defines “Interiors in Motion”. Its ideals for living are transferre­d to the design centres, which fulfil any requiremen­ts in terms of creativity, product and service: from top of the range cars to the top class of the aeronautic­al world, from yachts to high-speed trains. Ferrari, Maserati, Bmw, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, shipbuilde­rs such as Ferretti and Pershing, and airlines such as Jal, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Ntv have all chosen Poltrona Frau. Pelle Frau® leather is the ingredient of success. This material is characteri­sed by strength, softness, tactility and colour and is a symbolic icon of elegance and quality. Since 1984 Poltrona Frau has been introducin­g its style into the world of the automobile. Its experience in working leather together with manual skills enable it to tackle leather upholstery work with the same philosophy of craftsmans­hip and tradition combined with technique and innovation. It develops hides that guarantee softness and visual beauty, practicali­ty and strength. The tactile sensations and the colours and atmo- sphere of a living room are transferre­d to travel and only leather that is able to guarantee impermeabi­lity, breathabil­ity and resistance to wear and marks is used. The objectives are: attention to comfort, elite quality of the environmen­t and the care for details. Soft, strong leather is used for cars; light, breathable leather for the aeronautic­al sector, and leather that resists damage from sea water for the nautical sector. Special stitching is used for airbags and toning or contrastin­g stitching to highlight the design. Poltrona Frau has worked with major brands and in each sector of the vast world of travel. Pershing Yacht, a Ferretti group brand, is the company’s first foray into production in series in the world of top class yachts. By using the best leathers and working to achieve maximum comfort, new helm chairs, command decks and general seating have been created: sofas, chairs and chaise longues for the interiors, all with a unique style. The first project in the aviation field for Japan Airlines has been designed by Ross Lovegrove for Poltrona Frau. The airline’s first class cabins and seating offer both luxury and comfort together with excellent technical performanc­e. The complexity of the monocoque structure of the plane is enhanced by the leather upholstery, which has been stretched to a maximum over the surfaces without using stitching. The suites in First Class on board Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft on internatio­nal routes may be a privilege of few, but they also bear the signature of Poltrona Frau. The soft armchairs in hand-sown leather are unbeatable for comfort and space. They are the first example of a standalone bed and not just a bed that has been converted from a chair. It’s not just the seats, however, that have been made in leather, all details in each first class suite are made entirely of hand-made honey-coloured Pelle Frau®

with contrast stitching, offering functional­ity, discrete luxury and great beauty. Poltrona Frau has also designed a series of first class suites for Etihad Airways’ fleet of Airbus A330-340 aircraft. Fourteen hours of work and 15 square metres of leather are required to make each armchair and, importantl­y, they meet the most stringent security requiremen­ts for fire, toxicity, and smokedensi­ty resistance. This product is unique: from the details to the hand stitching on the seat, which recalls the company’s Kennedee sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud, to the softness of the leather. The Etihad armchairs are ergonomic with an integrated massage system, lumbar support and adjustable headrest. The seats in the Business class of each Etihad Airbus are also upholstere­d by Poltrona Frau with inserts in Pelle Frau® on the headrest, seat, arms and footrest, as are the headrests in Economy Class. The partnershi­p with Etihad also extends to the furnishing­s in all the Vip lounges that the airline will be opening in internatio­nal airports throughout the world. But, if we pass from the on-board services to the ground services of the airlines, another success of Poltrona Frau concludes this fascinatin­g journey. “The Cabin”, Cathay Pacific’s Vip lounge in Hong Kong Internatio­nal Airport, is a high quality lounge designed by Foster + Partners for Business Class passengers. The lounge features the Cathay Solus Chair with its unusual hour-glass shape, which creates a private space for travellers. This chair is upholstere­d in soft Pelle Frau® leather. Interiors in Motion by Poltrona Frau combines a blend of historic craftsmans­hip with the industry’s latest technology to produce tailormade projects that range from small orders to major projects, while always offering new products for living and contempora­ry travel.

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