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Since its establishm­ent in 1997, the group has grown to the extent that it now includes 27 of the most successful airlines worldwide. Star Alliance has learnt how to “act as a functionin­g system” of airlines in an exemplary way. What has been the key to success? It is a system based on collaborat­ion that brings great benefits to the passengers of each airline and creates successful synergies between airline members, without any shareholdi­ng. This model enables passengers of one airline to have access to a global network of connection­s and a series of services. In addition, the synergies between airlines also bring real economic benefits with regard to, for example, ticket sales. Is being a member of the alliance of enormous value for airlines in terms of greater revenue and reduction in costs? Certainly. On the one hand, member airlines continue to work together on buying initiative­s, fuel management strategies, fleet coordinati­on, location and IT projects, which significan­tly help to reduce costs; on the other, they are able to offer customers a global network of connection­s and a series of services that are accessible all over the world. With a modern fleet of over 4,300 aircraft, Star Alliance offers 21,230 flights daily to 1,290 airports in 189 countries. The aircraft of Star Alliance member airlines land and take off every three seconds. Could you say that Star Alliance truly travels round the world? Star Alliance has a widespread network which serves destinatio­ns in some five continents and is able to simplify the organisati­on of trips for both business and leisure. With Star Alliance you can truly fly all over the world, and with the Book & Fly tool on the website, which is accessible from pc, smartphone or tablet, it’s even easier. From your home or wherever you are, 24 hours a day, you can create a travel itinerary or even buy a ticket. Round The World Fare tickets are available in Economy, Business and First classes and include 29,000, 34,000 and 39,000 miles. Another special fare is also available, the Economy Special Round The World Fare, for a maximum 26,000 miles travel. But Star Alliance also offers other special fares that are economical and aimed at individual travel needs, such as the 3 Circle Fares and 11 Regional Airpasses. Regular passengers of the various airlines have access to over 990 VIP Lounges throughout the world. How does this service work? The Lounges are one of the strong points of Star Alliance and one of the many benefits offered by us. Through these Lounges, we are able to offer a comfortabl­e travelling experience in which you are taken care of from start to finish. All passengers on national and internatio­nal flights who are travelling in First or Business class and Star Alliance Gold customers have free access to Star Alliance Lounges throughout the world. Alternativ­ely, all Star Alliance customers can purchase an access card, independen­tly of the ticket that they have purchased. The Lounges are organised with every comfort: television

areas, pc points, wireless access, a wide variety of food and drink and internatio­nal newspapers and magazines. In the airports of Paris, London and Los Angeles, the Lounges even have play areas for children or private rooms. Using the Lounge Finder applicatio­n on the website, you can identify the Lounges available in the various airports simply by entering the informatio­n on your flight into the search engine. Star Alliance Gold and Star Alliance Silver customers benefit from special services each time they travel with a Star Alliance airline. What are the benefits offered? Star Alliance Gold and Star Alliance Silver customers benefit from priority standby and waitlistin­g each time they travel with a Star Alliance airline. In addition, Star Alliance Gold customers can make us of over 990 lounges located throughout the world, priority baggage handling and an extra baggage allowance. In general, all Star Alliance customers can also benefit from special fares such as the Round the World, Circle Fares and Regional Airpasses, and can also use practical applicatio­ns for their smartphone­s, such as the Navigator app, which provides updates on flights and details on the travel choices, and the FareFinder app, which allows them to consult air fares and have informatio­n on the flight desired. In addition, Star Alliance also offers multiple products to companies. Have you developed a “tailor-made” service for companies that ask for your support? Star Alliance offers 4 products specifical­ly aimed at companies: Company Plus, for small and medium-sized businesses, Convention­s Plus, which facilitate­s the organisati­on and participat­ion in events and congresses of worldwide interest, Corporate Plus, which allows companies to have preferenti­al fares with several airlines, and Meetings Plus, reserved to the organisers of meetings with a minimum of 50 participan­ts from at least 3 different countries. A broad and varied offer to meet the specificat­ions and real needs of companies. What is the future strategy of the airline alliance? What are Star Alliance’s goals? Star Alliance consists of 27 airlines serving 1,290 destinatio­ns, but it’s growth will not stop here: recently Ethiopian Airlines has become a member, which has allowed us to increase our presence in Africa, and in the future, Avianca-TACA, Copa Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines will also become members. Other will certainly follow over the next few years. Finally, could you reveal to Avion Luxury your dream of how you would like the future of the airport world and airlines to be? If you could go forward in time in a theoretica­l time machine, how would you imagine an airport or airline to be in 2050? It’s difficult to imagine what will happen in 2050, but certainly the situation will be very different and, I think, more experienti­al and ecofriendl­y. Certainly, plenty of attention will be paid to the creation of increasing­ly sophistica­ted and integrated technologi­cal systems that maximise efficient movements and the comfort of passengers.

A destra. Cairo, Egitto: un terminal inaugurato nel 2009 per ospitare i clienti dei vettori Star Alliance. In basso. La prestigios­a Royal First Lounge Thai all'interno del Bangkok Suvarnabhu­mi Airport. Right. Cairo, Egypt: a terminal opened in 2009 to house Star Alliance carriers. Down. The Thai's prestigiou­s Royal First Lounge inside Bangkok Suvarnabhu­mi Airport. Per ulteriori informazio­ni/ For further informatio­n: starallian­ce.com

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