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A new era at Ferretti: luxury and rationalit­y


The yachting autumn has opened in grand style for the new look Ferretti Group. The 24 yachts on show at the very important Festival Internatio­nal de la Plaisance in Cannes, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, made up one of most effective displays of the entire event. Five of these two dozen exquisite yachts were new models being shown for the first time worldwide. A good sign because, in spite of the difficult economic situation in Italy and other European countries, the sailing world is still attracting customers, and an advertisem­ent for Italian products like Ferretti cannot and must not surrender in the face of difficulti­es. It instead, on this occasion, demonstrat­ed once again that it is still at the forefront. An “adversary to beat”, able to innovate and amaze, and popular with customers of the new generation, who are increasing­ly global, discerning and, perhaps, even a little eccentric - within certain limits. The dimensions are no longer exaggerate­d, but this is no reason to overlook the new boats. The Group, guided by the new chairman Tan Xuguang (Weichai Group), the founder and honorary chairman Norberto Ferretti and managing director Ferruccio Rossi, is ready to lead a “new era” and tackle new challenges and successes with enthusiasm, even in new markets. Ferretti Yachts, the leading brand of the group, has produced two new yachts in two different segments: the 690 and 870 are the two latest generation yachts with flybridge. The larger Ferretti 870 manages, however, to contain the hull within 24 metres. This important milestone has helped reduce management expenditur­e to that of a boat rather than the higher category of ships, which envisages much higher costs for maintenanc­e and crew. It’s a well known and always popular dimension, but it’s not for this reason that it’s not worthy of innovation. The focus has been put mainly on the new glass surfaces on the deck. Thanks to a

lowering of the gunwale, now the view of the sea from the inside is even more extensive and enchanting, even when sitting comfortabl­y on the sofas. While sailing and stationary, therefore, visibility has been improved greatly, as has liveabilit­y. On the lower deck the volumes on board have been increased considerab­ly by moving the guest cabins towards the stern. In particular, the master cabin as well as half the space below deck have benefitted. There are three double cabins and a fourth with twin beds. All have private bathroom and separate shower box. The Ferretti 690 has received the same treatment, with new external lines that succeed in giving the flybridge an even sleeker profile. It is now much longer and comfortabl­e but, thanks to a clever design and use of technology, is also less “weighed down” by instrument­s and antennas, which are now recessed more effectivel­y compared to previous models in the same segment. The deep “family feeling” remains, but the many details make the experience on board even better, such as the larger expanses of glass both on the main deck and in the cabins. Now the master cabin, the VIP cabin and two guest cabins in the bow have large open-view windows that are aesthetica­lly appealing and easy to operate. Remaining on the topic of large yachts, the new Pershing 82’ succeeds in offering spaces of over 80 feet while remaining within 24 metres. Even in this case it is “only” a leisure boat, but it stirs emotions with its incredible performanc­e: a top speed of 45 knots, a cruising speed of 40 knots and a range of 300 nautical miles, in other words, from Genoa to Ponza in 7 hours without refuelling. Among the most interestin­g details is, without doubt, the sun deck, rare in open yachts but very much in demand, with retractabl­e helm surrounded by two comfortabl­e chaises longues next to the pilot, and a practical minibar nearby. The Dolphin 64’ Cruiser is instead shorter and very different. This classic “lobster boat”, made by Mochi Craft, is increasing­ly popular, even in the Mediter-

ranean area, due to new standards of comfort and ease of sailing. Designed by the architect Brunello Acampora of Studio Victory Design in collaborat­ion with Ferretti Group’s design centre, this yacht represents not a break with tradition but a confirmati­on of the values that see this class of yachts becoming increasing­ly comfortabl­e and closer to the world of flybridge boats, but with an elegance that is immediatel­y visible. The yacht that closes our review of the new craft from the Ferretti Group may be last but it’s certainly not least in terms of importance, and may even be first in terms of desirabili­ty: the Riva 63’ Virtus, the largest open yacht produced by the shipyard. It is without doubt sporty, with a distinctly Mediterran­ean style, and is able to offer the maximum in innovative comfort for its category. It has more space and more equipment, in typical Riva style, and, thanks to features partly taken from Rivale, offers new contrasts, materials and gadgets on a boat that will, once again, be a benchmark for the sector.

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