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La Pirogue: tropical charm


Mauritius, the magical island where white beaches, crystal-clear sea and unspoiled nature blend with a joyful and friendly multiethni­c culture, is home to a very special hotel: La Pirogue. The property, which is characteri­sed by bungalows with roofs made of straw and volcanic rock, takes its name from a local fishing vessel called a “Pirogue”. This charming and tropically-styled hotel, located on Mauritius’ western coast, is characteri­zed by a splendid pool facing the Ocean, the comfort of each room and an innovative kitchen. La Pirogue benefits from one of Mauritius’ most beautiful views: towards the south, a stunning beach that extends towards the rocky peninsula of Le Morne by the brilliant blue sea, and inland, a promontory alongside the Black River Gorge. One of the most prominent attraction­s, in addition to the unspoiled beach, is the 35 acres of garden which combines pristine English-style gardens, with plantation­s of palm trees and lush vegetation. A harmonious combinatio­n of private zones and communal areas dedicated to entertainm­ent surround the heart of the resort: a 1000 square metre pool with islands, the Paul & Virginie restaurant and a beach bar. There are 246 Standard and Superior cottages and 2 Royal Suites, in which the British and Dutch royal families, various heads of state and members of the Mauritian government have lodged. There are two standard rooms in each bungalow: open and spacious, they feature large windows and private patio. The majority of the Superior rooms occupy an entire cottage and have spacious bathrooms (with a bath and a shower) and a large

private garden. The Royal Suites, named Flamboyant and Bougainvil­lea and located in a tranquil area of the gardens for increased privacy, feature a spacious sitting room and dining room, two gardens, double rooms and very large bathrooms (including one for guests). La Pirogue offers the best in world dining with an emphasis on flavour, aesthetics and variety, both in the Thatches, the main restaurant, and the Paul & Virginie, but also by the pool and on the beach. The Aura Spa is the ultimate expression of wellness. The Aura experience transmits a sense of personal wellbeing, comfort, care and satisfacti­on for its guests. The word “Aura” is associated with concepts of ambience, atmosphere, mystery, life and emotions; each of these concepts are a part of Spa's philosophy, where each individual is guided through a journey of absolute wellbeing. The Spa is equipped with rooms for individual or couples’ treatments, as well as an area dedicated entirely to Shiatsu treatments. And to finish, the amazing Hammam treatments, which include an unusual black soap massage. Here, the only obligation is to do exactly what you want to do, how and when you want... La Pirogue is an ideal destinatio­n for a vacation with a loved one, with the family, or with friends; an experience which will certainly be remembered as a wonderful tropical holiday. La Pirogue, an experience par excellence.

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