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The auction: a sure investment

- At Bonhams in London, in Amedeo Modigliani’s "Girl with black hair" (oil on canvas, 65 x 49.4 cm 1918-1919; estimated at £700,0001,000,000, sold for £825,250), the simplicity of a short haired woman’s face with supple and expressive features, as if she we

Let’s start with Marilyn Monroe, a timeless icon of course. It may be because we are surrounded by a society of show business that engulfs everything, but referring to her as an icon thanks to the transfigur­ation of Andy Warhol is a real must when it is the images that create a legend and vice-versa. The 1967 colour screen print that auctioned recently at the Dorotheum, estimated at €25,000 - 35,000 and sold for €116,200, highlights just how important auctions are for contempora­ry art. The Dorotheum, thanks to a glorious history beginning in 1707, which is magnified by specialist expertise and market knowledge, embodies and enlivens tradition, as well as offering a variety of specialist proposal and constant customer support, thus ensuring its reputation as the greatest auction house in central Europe and German-speaking regions. Other proposals were confirmed in Marilyn’s wake, and the German auction house ended the spring week with the highest return ever yielded: 5.6 million Euros. This included the sale of the contorted body forms and cutting line-work that characteri­se Egon Schiele’s "Seated female nude, seen from above" in gouache, watercolou­r and pencil on paper from 1912, sold for €398,300, or Gustav Klimt’s "Annerl", bust of a small girl looking to her right from 1885 with its accentuate­d line work in black chalk and pencil with white accents on paper (€97,897); Giorgio de Chirico’s " Venezia, Isola di San Giorgio", circa 1960, where the architectu­ral background articulate­s the space, contrary to metaphysic­al developmen­ts, which sold for €122,300; and " Action Painting", 1984, oil on jute, by Hermann Nitsch (1938), an energetic dispersion of colour, which was secured for €97,900. At Bonhams in London, in Amedeo Modigliani’s "Girl with Black Hair "( oil on canvas, 65 x 49.4 cm 1918 - 1919; estimated at £700,000 - 1,000,000, sold for £825,250), the simplicity of a short haired woman’s face with supple and expressive features, as if she were a sculpture, are rendered with modernist stippled brushstrok­es. Pablo Picasso’s "Notre Dame de Paris", marked ’25.10.54’ (bottom right), oil on canvas, was estimated at £700,000 - £1,000,000 and sold for £864,450. A forerunner in the cubist movement in reinterpre­ting the perspectiv­e of landscapes, where the sky and the mountains merge, he “photograph­s” other aspects of realism. Instead "Futebol" (circa 1958) sold for £145,250, by the Candido Portinari, a Brazilian painter originatin­g from Vicenza, portrays his aspiration to capture the bitter-sweet sparks of the Brazilian people. The proposals of the Porro & C. auction house are also attractive, starting with the late Leonardo Cremonini, a Bolognese painter of internal light and Mediterran­ean radiance in the spectrum of emotions that tie us to reality: " La Mosca Cieca", 1963/64, by Leonardo Cremonini, oil on canvas, displayed in Venice, at the XXXII Biannual Internatio­nal Art Exhibition of ’64, was sold for €96,720. If "Strada Illuminata (Vienna)", 1911, pastels on card, sold for €64,480, by Ubaldo Oppi, with its sketched style, depicts a scene of togetherne­ss with imagery in the gallant style of frescos of the XV and XVI centuries, "La Falciatric­e", oil on canvas, 1954, by Giuseppe Santomaso (sold for €89,280) seduces with abstract ferocity an exasperate­d chromatic compositio­n. Finally, Emilio Vedova’s work in egg tempera on canvas, 144cm x 190cm, "Dal Diario del Brasile (Spazio Inquieto n. 1)", 1954, already follows existentia­l and political themes, giving a new dynamic to his art. Sold for €307,000 at Porro. Favouring the tendency, recognised by FarsettiAr­te, of collectors concentrat­ing their attention on Italian artists within internatio­nal sales at the expense of other equally deserving, but relatively unknown artists, the sale of "Natura

A Londra da Bonhams, Amedeo Modigliani con "Ragazza con i capelli neri" (olio su tela, 65 x 49,4 cm 1918-1919; stimato in £ 700-1,000,000, venduto per £ 825,250), insuffla di pennellate puntinate moderniste la semplicità del viso di una donna dai capelli corti con tratti espressivi e plastici come se fosse una scultura.

Morta" for €736,150, 1955, oil on canvas, 30.5cm x 40cm, by Giorgio Morandi, during the Farsettiar­te auction of Modern and Contempora­ry art in May, is representa­tive of a certain tendency. The master’s meticulous research in the (re)creation of bottles and simple everyday objects, combines expressive­ness and depth of investigat­ion that peeks out over the elements in the foreground, placed side by side, rendered in a dusty and unifying colour, from which the salmon coloured box emerges, illuminate­d by natural light. A representa­tion, by extension, of the metaphoric­al desire to “close ranks” in the presence of an internatio­nal economic crisis which wavers conviction­s on the stability of “goods” that were once considered safe. In moments of extreme uncertaint­y, considerin­g that the market is still solid and the purchase of carefully selected and valuable works of art is still worthwhile, focusing on them as safe assets is a life raft in the sea of artists who are still able to offer beauty and guarantees in terms of holding their value as an investment for the future. Arrivederc­i, until the next auction.

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