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Four wheels in grand style


Even 2013, generating excitement and stunning the world automotive scene, particular­ly in the high-end segment. Presentati­on of high class vehicles open new chapters in the history of the automobile, and this year is no exception. We begin with LaFerrari, a twoseater from Maranello with the article intentiona­lly attached to its name. This controvers­ial name has been much discussed, but it was created to underline the prestige of this vehicle, which represents something truly symbolic - even more so than the Enzo did eleven years ago. This record-breaking Ferrari in terms of price and performanc­e is also exclusive (you’ll need five Ferraris in your garage to be invited to purchase one and over one million euros), and uses the Hy-Kers system taken from Formula 1 for the first time on the road. It achieves a top speed of almost 400 kph thanks to truly exaggerate­d power of 963 hp, which it however cleverly compensate­s for by having relatively low emissions for a vehicle of 12 cylinders. Well aware of this new developmen­t, Lamborghin­i has not however been caught unprepared and, presented the Veneno, of which only four examples have been made, three for wealthy customers able to spend over three million euros. Showy with innovative aerodynami­cs, especially in the large rear wing profiles and tail fin worthy of the best competitio­n cars, it is however “only” an evolution of the Aventador and therefore will not exceed 750 hp. We close our supercar review with the Bugatti Veyron and its Grand Sport Venet Edition, designed by the well-known French artist who painted the body and rims with a unique design in orange and brown. A step down on the ladder, the special editions of the centenary Aston Martin, including the Vanquish and Rapide S, which are distinguis­hed by the logo specially made in silver 925, new leather upholstery and small important details such as new glass keys on key holders that match the colour of the leather. Porsche, instead, is celebratin­g 50 years of the 911 in grand style, with a new generation 911 GT3, a race-ready GT3 Cup and a Cayman S, that produces increasing­ly less pollution. There are special series also from Mercedes which, with Amg, presented the SLS Coupé Black Series, while the range reproposed the recent restyling of the E Class in both cabriolet and coupé versions. We cannot close our review of the best vehicles without including BMW, which unveiled the M6 Grand Coupé. This top version of a V8 saloon has 4.4 litre bi-turbo engine of 560 hp. It is able to compete with more traditiona­l and famous flagship cars and is used as a safety car in the Moto GP 2013. We end with the i8 Concept Spyder, confirming that BMW is a carmaker that still believes electric cars have a role to play at the highest levels.

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