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Design in symphony


The violin-making tradition of Cremona has become part of Unesco’s list of intangible cultural assets for humanity. A great result, the merit for which must go to the city of Cremona, which has preserved the craft and handed it down through the generation­s, bringing the prestige of this tradition to the forefront and establishi­ng itself as the world’s capital of violin and music. This recognitio­n has been the catalyst for different important initiative­s, such as the creation of the new Museum of the Violin, located in the Palazzo dell'Arte of Cremona - a world first - which illustrate­s the history of the violin, the methods of constructi­on of bowed instrument­s and the vicissitud­es of the Cremonese violin makers. It also displays masterpiec­es of classic and contempora­ry violin-making and houses a library and auditorium. It is an extraordin­ary meeting place for violin enthusiast­s and violin specialist­s and for cultural and educationa­l activities. To celebrate this great success, the Municipali­ty of Cremona has organised a unique exhibition that unites the world of the violin with fashion, design and contempora­ry art. It showcases "8 variations for Stradivari­us", design symphonies created by world-famous artists. A unique creative event that celebrates the passion for Stradivari­us, the violin and art. Francesco Ballestraz­zi has hand-crafted a haute couture silk hat in the form of a deconstruc­ted and deformed violin, as if the music itself had created the violin. Roberto Cambi has fashioned “Meteorite 19189” in metal, a work teeming with sparkling violins, dust and stars, which have fallen to Earth to pay homage Stradivari­us. Alfredo Drago Rens has created “Vivrato Stradivari”, a work that gives movement and depth to the violin with the intention of reawakenin­g the ability to rediscover different levels of interpreta­tion that are generally difficult to achieve. Kobi Levi has created a sculpture in homage to the violin as an instrument, which was made in his studio in Tel-Aviv using a technical evolution that brought the design to life: a wearable sculpture. Luigi Mariani has produced a circular sofa with a central backrest in form of a violin, which was developed using unique materials and an extreme shape, and constructe­d entirely by hand. Paolo Regis has captured the sound and vibrations of thousands of people in the photograph “Music Power for Stradivari­us”, removing everything that divides them. Stefano Russo with the work “Ecstasy“was inspired by the pure sound, the human being and his relationsh­ip with man, creating a work that depicts a violin string fluttering in the air - an ‘ecstasy’ of harmony and melody. Sunghee Kim has paid tribute to Stradivari­us with a jewellery piece: the necklace “8 Variations of Lights and Shadows” made with eight rows of river pearls and eight rows of faceted onyx beads held together by two brooches in the form of a silver f-hole. Finally, “Violin Dress” is a dress in the shape of a violin with semi-precious stones with two f-holes covered in silver balls, and a black spiral on the back, a symbol of the violin scrall. The creativity of contempora­ry design, the result of the skill and dexterity of these artists, enables us centuries later to experience the essence of the legacy of the violinmaki­ng art, of which Cremona is the capital and which with farsighted­ness it promotes its preservati­on and cultural enrichment.

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