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The gems of the yachting world


Again this year it was a pleasure to stroll along the quays and pontoons of the boat shows of the Côte d’Azur. There’s still a certain amount of enthusiasm for the sector devoted to the utmost in yachting lifestyle. Today, however, more attention is paid to caution and design coherence, with less tolerance towards projects that are unrealisti­c or in bad taste. Meanwhile, the true values compatible with life at sea gain ground - values such energy savings, followed closely by respect for the environmen­t, but also direct benefits for boat owners such as increased comfort, quietness and long range. The other good news is that, with the exception of the extreme-length yacht sector where the undisputed protagonis­ts remain the Dutch and the British, the leading players of many of the most imaginativ­e new vessels are the Italian shipyards. You only need to look at one of the most recent creations from Admiral, Nameless, the Cacos V, a real gem of yacht, the work of Luca Dini in partnershi­p with the Group Style Centre. This semi-displaceme­nt vessel of 41 metres boasts two significan­t records: the greatest interior volume in the world for its category and the highest rating for comfort ever assigned by RINA (Registro Italiano Navale), which indicates values of noise and vibrations that are decidedly below average levels for the sector. Paszkowski and Mancini have instead put their signature on the umpteenth rebirth of a Baglietto 44 metres with the intriguing name of Monokini, chosen by the owner to highlight the levels of comfort and unique amenities. The furnishing­s and functions for outdoor living in this craft were a major priority, while the interiors clearly draw inspiratio­n from aviation design. Dini lends his name again to the latest vessel from Mondo Marine, Nameless, which was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show. No expense was spared in

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