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Maxi and Super : it’s the feeling that matters


Alongside the great brands that all the world envies, and instead of the many daring experiment­s during the years when the industry was a little too enthusiast­ic because of the stable economy, in Italy there is still space for innovation and to confirm its status of absolute excellence in yachting, particular­ly when sizes become large and the most important yacht builders come into play. The shipyards of Viareggio, Liguria and the Adriatic area, between Romagna and Marche, have all launched new boats that are more or less large and luxurious. Then there are those with experience of building large, highly technologi­cal ships, such as Rosetti Superyacht­s based in the province of Ancona, which have partly “converted”. An authority in the oil industry, this shipyard has appointed a famous managing director in Fulvio Dodich and the grand architect Tommaso Spadolini to take care of a new business idea. With the aim of creating vessels with lengths ranging from 40 to 150 m and a desire to satisfy even the latest trends, the shipyard has chosen to share the same technical platform as its expedition supply vessels on another concept, which was much talked about at the latest internatio­nal boat shows: the 85M Superyacht. This version offers endless bespoke solutions, including the bold decision to contain weight and offer “only” four decks instead of five, which has the advantage of ensuring a true sensation of freedom on the open sea, but still offers impressive volumes and areas – a rare feature in this category - suffice it to say that the master stateroom is some 123 m2, excluding the his and hers bathrooms. A feeling of sportiness, silence and wellbeing, due for the most part to the ample illuminati­on, is instead the leitmotiv of the Tankoa S501 Vertige, a wonderful example of modern style and grace from the Genoese shipyard. Made of light alloy, it is an example of an “angular” design, which contradict­s the rules of other

schools of style. These are “curves” that do not age. The intention of the shipyard, which was to satisfy the requests of a French client, was to build a 50-metre yacht that was a lesson in elegance in its category without forgoing the best that the category can offer for the interiors: six cabins, cinema room, special routes for guests, dining areas, and an oversized outside sunbathing area are just some of the features of this project. The ability to sail long distances (over 5,000 miles) at an average of 13.5 knots makes you realise how future-forward the design of this semi-custom yacht is. Luxurious with an imposing presence (seen particular­ly in the very high bow) but discreet design, both inside and out, she is the result of the genius of Francesco Paszkowski. Lastly, tradition. Although having a certain Benetti shipyard as a “cousin”, Azimut Yachts remains unintimida­ted and offers concepts closer to those who have spent time at sea primarily with their family or on a cruise where oceans are no obstacle. But again in this case it’s the feeling that makes the difference: Italian excellence finds its ultimate expression in the “Grande” line, now 35 metres long and with wide body, which was designed to provide record space within its category but without forgoing the height of the interior spaces, and even offering an additional 30 m2 sundeck on the third level. The flagship designed once more by Stefano Righini has spritzed up the composite yacht category with its spacious areas and technical details, such as superstruc­ture made entirely of carbon fibre, as well as its navigation efficiency and superior finishing standards. Worthy of mention among the aspects that make it even more “grande” is the side garage, which leaves the stern completely free for a magnificen­t 12 m2 beach area provided by the large pivoting swim platform. This beach area is just one of three - one in the stern and the other, more private, for guests that prefer to be at the front.

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