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MER­CA­TO SAN LA­W­REN­CE / ST. LA­W­REN­CE MAR­KET 92- 95 Front Street Ea­st Uno dei mi­glio­ri 25 mer­ca­ti per la ven­di­ta di pro­dot­ti ali­men­ta­ri, si­tua­to nel cuo­re del­lo sto­ri­co quar­tie­re Old To­wn, ospi­ta più di 50 ven­di­to­ri gour­met e mol­te ta­vo­le cal­de. Al pia­no su­pe­rio­re la Gal­le­ria con l’espo­si­zio­ne di ope­re d’ar­te e fo­to­gra­fie. One of the top 25 mar­ke­ts for the sa­le of food pro­duc­ts, si­tua­ted in the heart of the Old To­wn hi­sto­ric di­strict. It has mo­re than 50 spe­cia­li­ty ven­dors and ma­ny stands of­fe­ring hot food. On the up­per floor, the Gal­le­ry di­splays works of art and pho­to­gra­phs. www. stla­w­ren­ce­mar­ket. com

TOR­RE NA­ZIO­NA­LE CA­NA­DE­SE / CA­NA­DIAN NA­TIO­NAL TO­WER 301 Front Street We­st Co­strui­ta tra il 1973 e il 1976 con i suoi 553,3 me­tri di al­tez­za è sta­ta la tor­re più al­ta del mon­do per 31 an­ni. Co­strui­ta dal­la com­pa­gnia te­le­vi­si­va ca­na­de­se, la CBC, ha di­ver­se piat­ta­for­me pa­no­ra­mi­che per l’os­ser­va­zio­ne del­la cit­tà e del la­go On­ta­rio dall’al­to. Ol­tre ad am­mi­ra­re il pa­no­ra­ma, è pos­si­bi­le ce­na­re nel più al­to ri­sto­ran­te gi­re­vo­le del mon­do. Built bet­ween 1973 and 1976, this 553.3 me­tre to­wer was the hi­ghe­st in the world for 31 years. Con­struc­ted by the Ca­na­dian te­le­vi­sion com­pa­ny, CBC, it has various pa­no­ra­mic plat­forms for viewing the ci­ty and La­ke On­ta­rio from abo­ve. As well as ad­mi­ring the view, you can eat in the hi­ghe­st re­vol­ving re­stau­rant in the world. www. cn­to­wer. ca

STA­DIO / SKY­DO­ME - ROGERS CEN­TRE One Blue Jays Way Non lon­ta­no dal­le spon­de del La­go On­ta­rio ed ai pie­di del­la ma­sto­don­ti­ca CN To­wer, ha una co­per­tu­ra a cu­po­la se­mo­ven­te ed è lo sta­dio apri­bi­le più gran­de del mon­do. Al suo in­ter­no ol­tre al­le par­ti­te di ba­se­ball si svol­go­no con­cer­ti, mo­stre ed espo­si­zio­ni. Not far from the sho­res of La­ke On­ta­rio and at the foot of the mam­mo­th CN To­wer, the Sky­Do­me is the lar­ge­st sta­dium in the world wi­th a re­trac­ta­ble do­med roof. In ad­di­tion to ba­se­ball games, concerts, exhibitions and sho­ws are held he­re. www. ro­ger­scen­tre. com

CA­SA LOMA 1 Au­stin Ter­ra­ce Ar­roc­ca­ta in ci­ma ad una col­li­na nel­la par­te nord, Ca­sa Loma at­ti­ra mi­glia­ia di vi­si­ta­to­ri ogni an­no. è sta­ta co­strui­ta dal fi­nan­zie­re ca­na­de­se Sir Hen­ry Pel­latt e non ha per­so il suo fa­sci­no mae­sto­so gra­zie ai pas­sag­gi se­gre­ti, tor­ri moz­za­fia­to, sca­li­na­ta, tun­nel, scu­de­rie e giar­di­ni im­men­si. è una del­le sue mag­gio­ri at­tra­zio­ni do­ve si svol­go­no even­ti spe­cia­li al ca­stel­lo nel cor­so dell’an­no. Per­ched on top of a hill in the nor­th, Ca­sa Loma at­trac­ts thou­sands of visitors a year. It was built by the Ca­na­dian fi­nan­cier Sir Hen­ry Pel­latt and wi­th its se­cret pas­sa­geways, brea­th­ta­king to­wers, flight of stairs, tun­nels, sta­bles and im­men­se gar­den, has lo­st no­ne of its ma­je­stic charm. It is one of the ma­jor at­trac­tions whe­re ea­ch year spe­cial even­ts ta­ke pla­ce. www. ca­sa­lo­ma. org ROYAL ON­TA­RIO MU­SEUM contemporary and su­stai­na­ble se­cret gar­den. The ROM al­so in­clu­des the Gal­le­ry of Gems and Gold, whi­le the Ear­th’s Trea­su­res Gal­le­ry di­splays ra­re gems, cry­stals and pre­cious sto­nes, jewels and gold coins. www. rom. on. ca

MU­SEO DEL­LA SCAR­PA - BA­TA / BA­TA SHOE MU­SEUM 327 Bloor Street We­st La co­stru­zio­ne sem­bra un’im­men­sa sca­to­la di scar­pe e al suo in­ter­no il vi­si­ta­to­re può sco­pri­re tut­to sul mon­do del­le scar­pe. Si par­te da im­pron­te che ri­sal­go­no a mi­lio­ni di an­ni fa fi­no ad os­ser­va­re cal­za­tu­re di ogni ge­ne­re. The buil­ding is sha­ped li­ke a lar­ge shoe box and in­si­de visitors can di­sco­ver eve­ry­thing about the world of shoes. It be­gins wi­th foot­prin­ts da­ting back one mil­lion years and ends wi­th a look at all ty­pes of foot­wear. www. ba­ta­shoe­mu­seum. ca

GAL­LE­RIA D’AR­TE DELL’ON­TA­RIO / ART GAL­LE­RY OF ON­TA­RIO ( AGO) 317 Dun­das Street We­st L’Art Gal­le­ry of On­ta­rio è uno dei più gran­di mu­sei d’ar­te nel Nord Ame­ri­ca, con una strut­tu­ra fi­si­ca di 583.000 me­tri qua­dra­ti. Al suo in­ter­no so­no pre­sen­ti più di 90.000 ope­re che spa­zia­no dal 100 d. C. ad og­gi. Tra la col­le­zio­ne Ca­na­de­se, che va­lo­riz­za il pa­tri­mo­nio ar­ti­sti­co na­zio­na­le, è espo­sta la più gran­de col­le­zio­ne Inuit del mon­do. The Art Gal­le­ry of On­ta­rio is one of the lar­ge­st art mu­seums in Nor­th Ame­ri­ca, wi­th a phy­si­cal struc­tu­re of 583,000 m2. In­si­de the­re are mo­re than 90,000 works da­ting from 100 AD to the pre­sent day. En­han­cing the na­tio­nal ar­ti­stic he­ri­ta­ge is the lar­ge­st col­lec­tion of Inuit items in the world. www. ago. net

GAL­LE­RIA D’AR­TE CON­TEM­PO­RA­NEA THE PO­WER PLANT - CONTEMPORARY ART GAL­LE­RY 231 Queens Quay We­st The Po­wer Plant è la gal­le­ria pub­bli­ca del Ca­na­da de­di­ca­ta esclu­si­va­men­te al­la pre­sen­ta­zio­ne dell’ar­te con­tem­po­ra­nea, at­tra­ver­so mo­stre in­no­va­ti­ve, pre­mia­te pub­bli­ca­zio­ni e pro­gram­mi pub­bli­ci. The Po­wer Plant is Ca­na­da’s lea­ding pu­blic gal­le­ry de­vo­ted ex­clu­si­ve­ly to the pre­sen­ta­tion of contemporary art, through ground- brea­king exhibitions, award­win­ning pu­bli­ca­tions, and pu­blic pro­grams. www. the­po­wer­plant. org

NIAGARA FALLS No­leg­gian­do un’au­to o par­te­ci­pan­do ad un’escur­sio­ne col­let­ti­va, le ca­sca­te del Niagara di­sta­no un’ora e tren­ta cir­ca. Pur non es­sen­do le ca­sca­te più gran­di del­la ter­ra, of­fro­no uno spet­ta­co­lo in­di­men­ti­ca­bi­le. The Niagara Falls are an hour and a half away from To­ron­to and be rea­ched by car or wi­th a group trip. Al­thou­gh not the lar­ge­st falls in the world, they of­fer an un­for­get­ta­ble sight. www. nia­ga­ra­fall­stou­ri­sm. com

ISO­LE DI TO­RON­TO / TO­RON­TO ISLANDS So­lo a die­ci mi­nu­ti di tra­ghet­to da Yon­ge Street, le iso­le of­fro­no una vi­sta pa­no­ra­mi­ca del­lo sky­li­ne del­la cit­tà. Cen­tre Island of­fre chi­lo­me­tri di spiag­ge con par­co, do­ve è pos­si­bi­le sbiz­zar­rir­si con bar­be­cue e ta­vo­li da pic- nic. Sul­le iso­le è inol­tre pos­si­bi­le no­leg­gia­re bar­che e fa­re pas­seg­gia­te in bi­ci­clet­ta gra­zie al­le nu­me­ro­se pi­ste ci­cla­bi­li. Per i bam­bi­ni an­che una fat­to­ria e un par­co di­ver­ti­men­ti. Si­tua­ted on­ly 10 mi­nu­tes by fer­ry from Yon­ge Street, the islands of­fer a pa­no­ra­mic view of the ci­ty sky­li­ne. Cen­tre Island has ki­lo­me­tres of bea­ch and a park whe­re bar­be­cue and pic­nics can be en­joyed. Boa­ts can be hi­red and the­re are nu­me­rous cy­cle pa­ths for ri­des on bi­kes. For chil­dren the­re is al­so a farm and an amu­se­ment park.

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