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MU­SEO ROYAL ON­TA­RIO / 100 Queen’s Park Con mi­lio­ni di og­get­ti nel­le sue col­le­zio­ni e gal­le­rie d’ar te ( ar­cheo­lo­gia e scien­ze na­tu­ra­li) la ROM of­fre un in­te­ro mon­do da esplo­ra­re. Il Mi­chael Lee- Chin Cry­stal è com­po­sto da for­me pri­sma­ti­che lu­mi­no­se ad in­ca­stro. L’Hands- on Bio­di­ver­si­ty Gal­le­ry of­fre una di­ver ten­te espe­rien­za in­te­rat­ti­va sull’in­ter­di­pen­den­za di per­so­ne, ani­ma­li e pian­te. Il Li­za’s Gar­den è un giar­di­no con­tem­po­ra­neo se­gre­to ver­de e so­ste­ni­biie. Il ROM in­clu­de an­che la Gal­le­ria del­le Gem­me e oro, men­tre la gal­le­ria dei Te­so­ri del­la Ter­ra espo­ne ra­re gem­me, cri­stal­li e pie­tre pre­zio­se, gio­iel­li e mo­ne­te d’oro. Wi­th mil­lion items in its col­lec­tions and gal­le­ries ( ar­chaeo­lo­gy and na­tu­ral scien­ce), the ROM of­fers an en­ti­re world to explore. The Mi­chael LeeC­hin Cry­stal is ma­de up of lu­mi­nous in­ter­loc­king pri­sma­tic struc­tu­res. The hands- on Bio­di­ver­si­ty Gal­le­ry of­fers a fun in­te­rac­ti­ve ex­pe­rien­ce on the in­ter­de­pen­den­cy of people, ani­mals and plan­ts. Li­za’s Gar­den is a

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