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ART BUN­KER Sot­to il Ca­stel­lo, nei lo­ca­li un tem­po adi­bi­ti al­la con­ser­va­zio­ne del­la bir­ra, que­sto mu­seo fu co­strui­to per sal­va­guar­da­re dai bom­bar­da­men­ti le ope­re d’ar­te di chie­se e mu­sei del­la cit­tà. Vi si pos­so­no am­mi­ra­re ve­tra­te ar­ti­sti­che, stal­li di co­ri di chie­se, sto­ri­ci stru­men­ti mu­si­ca­li, pit­tu­re, in­ci­sio­ni, do­cu­men­ti di Al­bre­cht Dü­rer, ol­tre al­la gran­de cam­pa­na del­la Chie­sa di No­stra Si­gno­ra. This mu­seum was con­struc­ted, near the ca­stle in rooms on­ce fit­ted out for sto­ring beer, to sa­fe­guard works of art from the ci­ty’s chur­ches and mu­seums from bom­bing. It hou­ses stai­ned glass win­do­ws, the choir stalls of chur­ches, hi­sto­ric mu­si­cal in­stru­men­ts,

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