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Mi­lan Bergamo Air­port, whi­ch has al­ways pro­mo­ted cul­tu­ral ac­ti­vi­ties in the area, has joi­ned the Book- Sharing ini­tia­ti­ve to help its pas­sen­gers di­sco­ver the joy of rea­ding a good book and pro­mo­te cul­tu­re. This is a mo­dern way to pro­mo­te and spread kno­w­led­ge free of char­ge, ma­king it ac­ces­si­ble to all. To en­cou­ra­ge the aim of book- sharing to “free” books in to the sur­roun­ding area, in the de­par­tu­re ter­mi­nal, in the Schen­gen area in front of the boarding ga­tes, a spe­cial book area has been set up to hold books pro­vi­ded by cu­sto­mers and air­port staff. The aim is to share the plea­su­re of rea­ding and pro­vi­de a li­ve­ly and dy­na­mic li­bra­ry in the air­port. Pas­sen­gers wai­ting to board can ta­ke a book and lea­ve one they ha­ve read, thus hel­ping the books to “tra­vel” as well. Books left at the air­port will pass from hand to hand and from flight to flight, crea­ting emo­tio­nal bonds bet­ween tra­vel­lers from dif­fe­rent coun­tries.

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