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Blu- ex­press è una com­pa­gnia ae­rea low co­st ba­sa­ta a Ro­ma Fiu­mi­ci­no e fa par­te del Grup­po Blue Pa­no­ra­ma Air­li­nes. Dall’Ae­ro­por­to di Mi­la­no Bergamo il vet­to­re vo­la ver­so Lam­pe­du­sa, My­ko­nos, Pan­tel­le­ria, Pre­ve­za, Ro­di, San­to­ri­ni, Skia­thos, Ti­ra­na e Zan­te. Blu- ex­press is a low- co­st air­li­ne ba­sed at Ro­me’s Fiu­mi­ci­no Air­port and is part of the Blue Pa­no­ra­ma Air­li­nes Group. From Mi­lan Bergamo Air­port the air­li­ne flies to Lam­pe­du­sa, My­ko­nos, Pan­tel­le­ria, Pre­ve­za, Rho­des, San­to­ri­ni, Skia­thos, Ti­ra­na and Zan­te.

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