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CAT­TE­DRA­LE DI SAN NI­CO­LA / CA­THE­DRAL OF ST. NICHOLAS La cat­to­li­ca Cat­te­dra­le Di San Ni­co­la, chia­ma­ta an­che di “San Ni­co­la ubria­co” for­se per le quat­tro cu­po­le stor­te che sem­bra­no ad­dos­sar­si al­la prin­ci­pa­le. D’ispi­ra­zio­ne orien­ta­le, è mol­to si­gni­fi­ca­ti­va all’ester­no e me­ri­ta una vi­si­ta an­che al ric­co in­ter­no. The Ca­tho­lic St. Nicholas Ca­the­dral, al­so kno­wn as “the Drunk Chur­ch” due to the four croo­ked spi­res that seem to lean in­to the main dome. Orien­tal­ly in­spi­red, it has a beau­ti­ful faça­de, but its sump­tuous in­te­rior is al­so well wor­thy of a vi­sit.

CHIE­SA DEL SA­CRO CUO­RE DI GE­SÙ CHUR­CH OF THE SA­CRED HEART OF JE­SUS La Chie­sa del Sa­cro Cuo­re di Ge­sù è in sti­le Go­ti­co con al­ti cam­pa­ni­li, un Go­ti­co che ri­sen­te del­le in­fluen­ze ucraine. The Chur­ch of the Sa­cred Heart of Je­sus is in Go­thic sty­le, wi­th Ukrainian in­fluen­ces, wi­th tall bell to­wers.

CHIE­SA ORTODOSSA DEL­LO SPI­RI­TO SAN­TO OR­THO­DOX CHUR­CH OF THE HO­LY SPI­RIT Que­sta ric­ca chie­sa fu co­strui­ta a me­tà del XIX se­co­lo uti­liz­zan­do uno dei pro­get­ti per l’edi­fi­ca­zio­ne del­la Cat­te­dra­le di San Isac­co a San Pie­tro­bur­go. Mol­to sce­no­gra­fi­ca, ma non più og­gi adi­bi­ta a cul­to per­ché scon­sa­cra­ta. Vi si ten­go­no con­cer­ti. A grand chur­ch that was built in the mid- ni­ne­teen­th cen­tu­ry using one of the de­si­gns for the con­struc­tion of St. Isaac’s Ca­the­dral in St. Pe­ter­sburg. This ve­ry picturesque chur­ch is no lon­ger de­vo­ted to wor­ship be­cau­se it has been de­con­se­cra­ted. To­day it holds con­certs.

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