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Wizz Air, dal­lo sca­lo di Mi­la­no Ber­ga­mo, vo­la ver­so Bu­ca­re­st ( Oto­pe­ni), Chi­si­nau, Cluj- Na­po­ca, Cra­io­va, Dan­zi­ca, De­bre­cen, Ia­si, Ka­to­wi­ce, Pra­ga, So­fia, Su­cea­va, Ti­mi­soa­ra, Var­na e Var­sa­via ( Cho­pin). I vo­li di li­nea so­no ope­ra­ti con ae­ro­mo­bi­li Air­bus A320 da 180 po­sti e A321 da 230 po­sti.

Wizz Air flies from Mi­lan Ber­ga­mo Airport to Bu­cha­re­st ( Oto­pe­ni), Chi­si­nau, Cluj- Na­po­ca, Cra­io­va, Gdan­sk, De­bre­cen, Ia­si, Ka­to­wi­ce, Pra­gue, So­fia, Su­cea­va, Ti­mi­soa­ra, Var­na and War­saw ( Cho­pin). The sche­du­led flights are ope­ra­ted using 180- sea­ter Air­bus A320 and 230- sea­ter A321 air­craft. www. wiz­zair. com

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