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The St. John’s Knights Ca­stle, kno­wn as Neratzia Ca­stle and built in 1436 stands at the port of Kos in a lo­ca­tion whi­ch is be­lie­ved to ha­ve been for­ti­fied in By­zan­ti­ne ti­mes. The im­pres­si­ve edi­fi­ce com­pri­ses the in­ner grounds wi­th round tur­re­ts at ea­ch of the four cor­ners, and the ou­ter grounds that are sur­roun­ded by mas­si­ve bat­tle­men­ts. In the in­ner part the­re are al­tars, co­lumns and an­cient Greek ar­chi­tec­tu­ral ele­men­ts.

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