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Eleftheria Squa­re is the cen­ter of the mo­dern to­wn, bor­de­red by th­ree enor­mous buil­dings, a le­ga­cy of the Ita­lian ru­le: the mu­ni­ci­pal mar­ket, the club ( du­ring the Ita­lian ru­le, it was cal­led the “Hall of Fa­sci­sm”), and the Ar­cheo­lo­gi­cal Mu­seum, hou­sing a col­lec­tion of pre­hi­sto­ric finds, sculp­tu­res, and mo­saic floors re­mo­ved from the an­cient to­wn’s Ro­man buil­dings and built as a re­pli­ca of the Ro­man pu­blic ba­ths ( ther­mae). Def­ter­dar Mo­sque al­so bor­ders the squa­re.

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