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In the vil­la­ge of Kouklia, lo­ca­ted 16 ki­lo­me­ters sou­th­we­st of Pa­phos, stood the an­cient ci­ty of Pa­le­pa­fos, whe­re stands the tem­ple of Aph­ro­di­te. The si­te is part of the UNE­SCO World He­ri­ta­ge. The tem­ple is de­di­ca­ted to the an­cient Olym­pian god­dess of beau­ty, who is lin­ked to the my­th of mo­ther ear­th and was born from the wa­ves of the sea that lap the beau­ti­ful bea­ch of Pe­tra tou Ro­miou. The sta­tues of Aph­ro­di­te, found in va­rious ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal si­tes, are pre­ser­ved in va­rious mu­seums on the island.

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