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Sur­roun­ded by deep moa­ts that we­re dug at the ti­me of its con­struc­tion, this pa­la­ce was on­ce kno­wn as “Edo Ca­stle”, re­si­den­ce of the Sho­gun. The pa­la­ce was bom­bar­ded du­ring World War II, but was re­built in 1968 wi­th the struc­tu­re in steel. An ele­gant two- ar­ched brid­ge, Ni­ju­ba­shi, leads to the main en­tran­ce of the pa­la­ce. Near the pa­la­ce the­re are the Orien­tal Gar­den and the Mu­seum of Im­pe­rial Col­lec­tions.

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