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This di­strict, wi­th its stree­ts flan­ked by old hou­ses and shops sel­ling tra­di­tio­nal items, has a feel of old To­kyo. He­re the­re is the Asa­ku­sa Kan­non or Sen­so- ji, the Bud­d­hi­st tem­ple, da­ting back to the Edo pe­riod. Foun­ded in 7th cen­tu­ry, it has fi­ve floors and one of its two pa­go­das is the tal­le­st in Japan. The area in whi­ch the tem­ple stands has a ma­gi­cal at­mo­sphe­re. Crui­ses on the Su­mi­da- ga­wa Ri­ver de­part from Asa­ku­sa to the Hi­no­de pier, ideal in spring to ad­mi­re the cher­ry trees in bloom.

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