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Du­bro­v­nik was an im­por­tant po­wer in the Me­di­ter­ra­nean area in the thir­teen­th cen­tu­ry and its to­wn cen­tre is de­li­nea­ted by four­teen­th- cen­tu­ry ci­ty walls and fea­tu­res Go­thic, Re­nais­san­ce and Ba­ro­que chur­ches as well as con­ven­ts, pa­la­ces and foun­tains. Of par­ti­cu­lar hi­sto­ric and ar­ti­stic in­te­re­st are: Pi­le Ga­te, Great Ono­frio Foun­tain, Or­lan­do’s Co­lumn, St. John’s Fortress, Fran­ci­scan Chur­ch, Squa­re of the Log­gia, Spon­za Pa­la­ce, Rec­tor’s Pa­la­ce and Ca­the­dral of the As­sump­tion of the Vir­gin ( Ve­li­ka Go­spa).

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