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The Split mu­seum ac­ti­vi­ty is lin­ked to the Pa­pa­lić Pa­la­ce, whi­ch to­day hou­ses the Split Ci­ty Mu­seum. Bet­ween the end of the fif­teen­th and be­gin­ning of the six­teen­th cen­tu­ries, a col­lec­tion of sto­ne mo­nu­men­ts from Sa­lo­na was hou­sed in the Go­thic- Re­nais­san­ce buil­ding of the no­ble Pa­pa­lić fa­mi­ly. The fir­st ex­hi­bi­tion of the ci­ty’s cul­tu­ral and hi­sto­ri­cal he­ri­ta­ge ope­ned he­re in 1915. Re­sto­ra­tion work be­gan on the mu­seum in 1984 and was con­clu­ded in 1992. The mu­seum al­so hou­ses the Gal­le­ry of Ema­nuel Vi­do­vić, a twen­tie­th- cen­tu­ry pain­ter from Split.

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