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The Plitvice Lakes Na­tio­nal Park is one of the mo­st fa­mous na­tu­ral won­ders of Eu­ro­pe wi­th six­teen blue­green lakes sur­roun­ded by whi­te tu­fa that pe­tri­fies bran­ches that ha­ve fal­len in­to the lakes from trees and co­vers the rocks gi­ving the wa­ter a lu­mi­nous beau­ty. To­ge­ther wi­th the lakes, the­re are streams and wa­ter­falls, but al­so ca­ves wi­th evi­den­ce of pre­hi­sto­ric in­ha­bi­tan­ts. In ad­di­tion to birds and ga­me, the park al­so has deer, bears, wol­ves, wild boar and ly­nx, and the wa­ters are ri­ch in trout.

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