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The Island of Šol­ta is an hour away from Split by fer­ry. The fir­st pre­sen­ce of man on the island da­tes back to the Neo­li­thic era. The island of­fers vi­neyards, oli­ve gro­ves and fig trees, and ho­ney is pro­du­ced. It is ideal for a boat trip or re­la­xing in the un­spoilt coun­try­si­de, whi­ch of­fers plen­ty of beau­ti­ful in­le­ts su­ch as Še­šu­la and Za­glav. The cha­rac­te­ri­stic to­wns a Sto­mor­ska, Ma­sli­ni­ca, Ro­gač and Ne ujam are well wor­th vi­si­ting.

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