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Ape­ri is a small moun­tai­nous vil­la­ge wi­th about 470 in­ha­bi­tan­ts and built at 320 me­tres abo­ve sea le­vel, in su­ch a way as to re­main un­seen from the sea and the­re­fo­re pro­tec­ted again­st pi­ra­te raids. In ear­lier ti­mes, it was the island’s ca­pi­tal as well as a cul­tu­ral cen­tre: in fact the na­me Ape­ri co­mes from the Tur­ki­sh “aper­gi”, whi­ch means ca­pi­tal. It is lo­ca­ted 8 ki­lo­me­tres nor­th- we­st of Pi­ga­dia.

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