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“Sto­la Leo­pard“e “Sto­la Leo­pard De­tail“so­no com­po­ste da un 80% di acri­li­co e un 20% di po­lie­ste­re. Al­le­gre, cal­de e mor­bi­de si ab­bi­na­no ad ogni look per da­re un toc­co di ori­gi­na­li­tà, mo­der­ni­tà e per­so­na­li­tà al pro­prio ab­bi­glia­men­to. Di­spo­ni­bi­li in un’uni­ca di­men­sio­ne 150x12 cm.

“Leo­pard Sto­le“and “Leo­pard De­tail Sto­le“are ma­de of 80% acry­lic and 20% po­lye­ster. Fun, warm and soft, they gi­ve any look a tou­ch of ori­gi­na­li­ty, mo­der­ni­ty and per­so­na­li­ty. Avai­la­ble in one si­ze 150x12 cm. www. parfois. com

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